The Myths and Facts about Winter Carpet Cleaning

Published June 30

Dispelling the rumours

Carpet cleaning is often only considered by most of us when we need to move home, out of our rental accommodation or put our property on the market.  While most people don’t frequently have their carpets professionally steam cleaned there are benefits to steam cleaning your carpet in winter. Despite initial ideas that the carpet will be damp for too long after steam cleaning if done during cold weather, the experts at Pressure & Steam can advise on the fastest way to dry carpets after cleaning. 

Why Steam Clean

Steam Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis keeps them in premium condition and ensures the pile stays fresh and study.  Carpets in high traffic areas of your home are more susceptible to wear and tear but years can be added to the life of your carpet if care is taken by experts to restore it using steam machines on a regular basis.  Steam cleaning can be a big job and most people are intimidated by the thought of wielding a carpet steam cleaning machine. Thankfully the team at Pressure & Steam are professional carpet steam cleaners in the Northern Beaches and available to help you keep your floors in tip-top condition. 

How to choose the right person for the job?

When looking for help with any of your cleaning needs around the home or office, it is best to confirm that your chosen company is a member of the relevant trade association in your state and complies with industry codes of conduct.  Some cleaning tasks entail the use of chemical cleaners and heavy equipment so it is important to work with a team you trust. Pressure & Steam rank among the best steam cleaning companies in Sydney and will have the answers you are looking for, for small or large cleaning projects. 

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