Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

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A guaranteed long lasting clean for your home or office windows

Our window washing cleaners are experts in using purified water to clean windows. It’s chemical free, fast and leaves no marks, smears or residue, which means there’s nothing to re-attract dirt. Your windows will stay cleaner for longer.

We offer an additional Vitroglaze cleaning and hydrophobic coating service for all our residential window washing services as well as commercial building window cleaning. Vitroglaze Australia is a product that will protect your windows from a build up of substances over time, so you won’t have to clean your windows as often and they’ll be easier to clean as the surface grime just comes away.

For sparkling clean windows contact Pressure and Steam for a free quote. We service the Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower North Shore, Eastern suburbs and the Inner West.

We’re quick to quote, reliable and we’ll stay in touch on the day so you’ll know exactly when we’re coming. We don’t leave our clients waiting around.

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Our window cleaning procedures are:


  • Prepare water-fed pole with reach of up to 65 feet (up to 5 storeys high)
  • Clean windows with a soft-bristled brush and jets of purified water
  • Rinse dirt away from windows with purified water
  • Air dry as there’s no need to squeegee the water droplets because purified water leaves a perfect, streak-free finish naturally!
  • A spot clean (including buffing, spotting, (scraping – where there’s paint on the glass)) using traditional window cleaning methods is also done if required.


For internal window cleaning, we’ve found the old-fashioned method to be best. We’ll ensure water and cleaning products stay on the glass and don’t reach and damage any furnishings or internal paintwork. We’ll:

  • Remove cobwebs and dust from around the frame
  • Wash starting at the top using glass cleaning detergent and washing in systematic way to ensure full-coverage cleaning
  • Wipe the top edge of the glass to minimise drips
  • Squeegee, buffing, scraping and spotting windows thoroughly to finish


Our team is professionally trained in our unique window cleaning process.

The head technician working on each window cleaning job has completed vocational training in hard surface cleaning at ITI.



Please call us in our Northern beaches office (Brookvale) for advice on any of our services and a free quote. We operate in the Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower North Shore, Eastern suburbs and the Inner West.