Top Tips To Choose The Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Published August 21

 You should ask for quotes from several carpet cleaners choosing one. Here are some questions that will help you to select the best carpet cleaning company in places like Northern Beaches, North Shore, Sydney and Canberra, etc. Find out if the company is worth your money or not.

  • Is the Company a member of the association?

Nationwide trade associations offer coaching for members and have a code of practice. If you’re not content or happy with the level of service of your carpet cleaner then you can contact their association.

  • Do The Carpet Cleaners Have Any Skills?

Competent carpet cleaners in Sydney should have capabilities, skills and certification in carpet cleaning. Certifications will mean that they can:

  • Do the job keeping in mind health and basic safety, also proper handling of chemicals
  • Using the best chemical for all types of carpet stains
  • Utilise their tools proficiently to stay away from accidents like excess wetting of the flooring


  • How Much Do The Carpet Cleaners Charge?

Never let cost to be the deciding factor while choosing a carpet cleaner, don’t fall for prices. Remember, high quality service will not come at a very low price. Don’t hire companies that offer extremely low price rates because mostly they have many hidden cost which they claim after the work is finished and people often have to pay the price as they have signed a contract. So read all the pages of the contract before you sign it.

Expert carpet cleaners in Northern Beaches, North Shore and Sydney will provide you an estimate on the phone, but may also want to examine the carpet. Ensure that you provide every detail about your home and tell them if you have pets or stains on the carpet.

Pre-vacuuming, spot removal, and relocating furniture (apart for delicate or large items) is usually included in the cleaning contract, however, it will be better if you ask. The carpet cleaner may offer extra services like sanitising, deodorising and carpet protection which makes a protective layer on your carpet.

  • Do they offer any guarantee for their work?

Ensure that ask for some kind of guarantee in writing for the carpet cleaning task. This will help you a lot later, in case you aren’t happy with the level of work the cleaners offered. If you have something in written then you can easily ask the carpet cleaners to correct their mistake.

  • How long cleaning process will take?

The time for carpet cleaning procedure generally depends on the size of home and carpet, method used for cleaning and furniture that’s supposed to be removed. However, you can keep aside at least three hours for the whole process to complete. Carpet drying time also varies and largely depends on the method of cleaning and the fabric of the carpet.

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