What to do after water damage occurs in the house?

Published June 10

The most important thing to do after you have experienced water damage in your home is to act quickly. Water can ruin your interior finishes and your home contents which is devastating enough. But if the water is left or not cleaned up sufficiently and properly, it will penetrate your floors and even your sub floors. If that happens you will be facing more than aesthetic repairs, you’ll be facing structural damage which is both expensive and disruptive.

Aside from the potential for structural damage, you’ll face other problems when your floors are submerged in water. Mould and insects that nest near moisture can cause long term health problems if you rebuild or repair without knowing the extent of the damage.

What to do first

Your first call should be to your insurance company. Don’t wait for them to send an assessor, take photos of the damage and then begin to dry and clean up. Make sure you keep the damaged materials as proof.


Obviously, water and electricity don’t mix so turn off the power before you re-enter your home. Before you turn the power back on, it’s best to have an electrician look things over. Depending on the water levels you may find that power outlets have been damaged so there may be some replacements and repairs required.

Furniture, bedding and carpets

When you are able, get them out of the home for drying and cleaning. It may be necessary for you to discard some furniture and fittings so make sure you photograph them if your assessor hasn’t had an opportunity to view them. The carpet needs to be dried because aside from developing mildew, wet carpet will damage your floors. If it shrinks an expert might be able to stretch it. Pressure & Steam specialise in  flood damage carpet cleaning so you could engage them to handle the entire clean up process which would make things much easier.

Damage to flooring

Wooden, tile or subfloors are all susceptible to damage. Warping, swelling and buckling are all caused by water damage and can be costly to repair. Clean and dry the flooring thoroughly before you attempt any repairs or covering. In the case of sub-flooring the drying process could take months.
Pressure and Steam are specialists in water damage services in Sydney and residential and commercial cleaning. We act efficiently to prevent long term damage and disruptions to your lifestyle. You can contact  Pressure and Steam and we’ll be there in no time to make sure the damage doesn’t become too extensive.

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