Top Things To Do When Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Published July 31

Do you think that home buyers are so discerning that they’ll see the potential in your home without you doing anything to make it more attractive. Well maybe back in the days when the Sydney real estate market was going gangbusters but not these days; not when the market rises more modestly and buyers are more educated thanks to the plethora of restoration and ‘how to make your home beautiful reality TV shows. 

Into Action

Once you’ve done your due diligence and found an agent, you’ll need to get the house looking spick and span for inspection. Make a ‘preparing your home for sale checklist’ and work through it methodically. 

On inspection days, think about what you would like to come home to

The place should be light and bright. You want all its best features to be on display. Therefore, change the light globes as needed and get rid of any old and tacky light shades. 

You would want to see a clean home so mop the floors or have them mopped; clean any dust from subtle and hard to reach spots; clean the toilets, basins, baths and appliances. Get rid of any unpleasant or unusual odours. If you’re really organised and you can manage the cleaning as well, bake some bread and let the aroma permeate through your open home.

If you can’t keep the house looking pristine then you should consider calling Pressure & Steam. We could perform the deep clean and you could maintain the upkeep by wiping down benches and putting things away. We’re the experts as that kind of thing.

We can help with everything

Decluttering will have a strong appeal to potential buyers. They will be able to see their lifestyle far more easily if they are given the space to do so. Then there’s the windows. It’s amazing how you can have the inside of your home looking pristine and presentable, yet it’s ruined because the windows are filthy and it’s a beautiful day outside. Windows are something that people look through to see their surrounds and if they are unclean and unclear then that will influence their enthusiasm.

Paint and pressure clean

If your paths, brickwork and landscaping are grimey and covered in moss it creates a bad impression. People see signs of moisture and they panic. They see mould or moss and they think of the potential problems even when and where there aren’t any.

It pays to give worn out parts of your home a lick of paint. If the whole home needs a painting overhaul and you don’t think you are over capitalising then you should invest the time and money. As for the pressure cleaning, that’s a no brainer. Nothing creates a great impression like a structure that’s clean, bright and free of risk/

Call the experts

Pressure & Steam are experts at maintaining your home and having it in a pristine, presentable condition for sale. Not only are we professional residential cleaners in Sydney, we can do everything from a deep house clean to window cleaning services, high pressure cleaning on brick and stone work, upholstery, roofs and guttering. We do it all. Call us for an obligation free quote and a bit of advice on how to get your home looking great for sale.

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