Mattress Cleaning: DIY vs Professional Cleaners

Published July 29

Nothing is better than coming home from a long, tiring day to the cozy comfort of your mattress, or hopping into a bed with freshly cleaned sheets. But when was the last time you had your mattress properly cleaned? The difference between a clean and dirty mattress will surprise you with its health effects and quality of sleep. But should you go DIY, or leave it to the professionals? 

Why clean in the first place?

Before you decide how to approach your mattress, let’s discuss why it needs to be clean. Whether you change your sheets regularly or not, your mattress will slowly build up with dust mites, body oils, dead skin and other residue from pets. From there, people susceptible to allergies may suffer in their own bed because of their dirty mattress!

The two biggest issues with a dirty mattress is that they can reduce a room’s overall air quality (affecting your quality of sleep), and contribute to allergies triggering. We will spend an estimated one-third of our lives in bed, and if that’s not a good enough reason to clean your mattress, here’s some more.

When you toss and turn on a dirty/old mattress, you stir up fine dust particles that reside in the mattress, reducing the air quality around you. When you breath in this dust, you may suffer from watery eyes, eye and throat irritation, sneezing and upper respiratory congestion, especially if you are more sensitive than others. 

Dust mites may also be lurking in your mattress, and if you suffer from asthma, eczema or rhinitis, then dust mites may be contributing to your symptoms, especially when sleeping/in your bed. If you do suffer from these, or are more prone to allergies and dust, start getting used to cleaning the mattress at regular intervals. Your mattress needs regular care to keep you as healthy as possible.

DIY Cleaning

So you’ve decided to clean your mattress but don’t know where to start? We’ll go through some options and let you decide how to proceed. You may think DIY cleaning is the way to go to save some cash, but you need to be careful with it. If you’re going off only the stains that are visible, then you’re cleaning it wrong. Most mattresses also aren’t designed for stain resistance. If you want a proper mattress clean, just removing the stains isn’t enough. Not to mention if you clean it wrong, you could cause more damage to your mattress by using too much product, leaving it damp and giving bacteria the chance to develop. 

Steam cleaning your mattress is better for a deep clean, as you want to remove dust and disinfect the whole mattress for a better sleep. It’s also one of the best ways to remove stains, but it can be a lot of work and can easily be done wrong, so be careful if deciding to go DIY. If you damage your mattress, you may end up spending a lot more to replace it.

Professional Cleaner

If you go with professional mattress cleaners, you are not only getting someone else to clean your mattress. You get the value of an experienced professional who has seen countless amounts of mattresses and knows the best way to properly clean and disinfect it. They also have specialised equipment to provide the best results every time. If you are serious about getting your mattress cleaned, go with professional mattress cleaning services on the Northern Beaches, who have the best advice and techniques on making your mattress the best it can be.

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