How to Clean Your Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Floors?

Published August 30

Taking care of your tiles becomes so easy when you’ve got some clever techniques up your sleeve. Learn the best grout haze removal techniques for your tiles, while also disinfecting them and keeping them clean. Proper floor cleaning should involve some scrubbing on the dirtier spots that you find, especially on mouldy areas. These spots indicate that you’ll need to do a bit more than a quick sweep through. Here are five steps you should follow when cleaning your tiles:

Sweep up loose debris

Dust, dirt, sand, pet hair you name it. Lots of debris will build up over time, and to make the cleaning process easier, sweep or vacuum up as much of this debris as you can. 

Start mopping

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are very sturdy and are able to take any general floor cleaning detergent that you can throw at them. For the best results, combine your detergent with water and a mop. Use whatever mop works best for you, but take note that sponge mops may end up pushing dirty water around, staining grout lines and making them harder to clean later. Try to avoid cleaning with dirty water. This just spreads it around and makes everything worse. If you have access to a commercial floor cleaner, go ahead and use that for an easier cleaning experience (ideally).

Identify stronger stains

During your clean, you’ll likely come across some stains that won’t come off with mopping alone. For these try to remember what caused it, and use a targeted stain remover for it. If you’ve got mould growing in between your tiles, an effective way to clean them is with a strong detergent and a thick brush that you can scrub with. Some molds can be difficult to remove on their own. If you lack the time or willingness to scrub yourself, Pressure & Steam offer professional floor tile cleaning services that will leave your floor like brand new.

Be wary of soap residue

The last thing you want is to have all your hard work wasted with excess soap. You can tell if you have this when your tiles still look hazy after a good clean. You can remove this with an all-purpose cleaner or homemade remedies such as fresh lemon juice.

Dry those tiles

Just like after you wash your car, drying your tiles will remove any water spots from appearing. You can dry your tiles with any cloth that doesn’t leave lint around.

We hope that with these tips, you can get your porcelain and ceramic tile floors up to scratch and keep them there. If you want to experience professional floor cleaning services who will do all these steps and more for your floor, give Pressure & Steam a call today!

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