Importance Of Mattress Cleaning On Regular Intervals

Published May 04

A proper 8 hour sleep every night helps to rejuvenate our bodies completely and fills it with energy. However, there are a few things that can hamper the much needed rest for your body, and one of them is unclean & uncomfortable mattress. With effective mattress cleaning, you can ensure good sleeping hours that will make you feel fresh next morning.What if your mattress becomes dirty and smelly? How to stop dust mites and other allergens from making a home inside your mattress? How to maintain the mattress in its best condition? Read on to know more about mattress cleaning.


  • What Should Be Done To Keep The Mattress Clean?


One of the best things you can do to protect your mattress from external threats is to cover it properly. If you haven’t that yet, then this is the right time to purchase a mattress cover. While buying a new cover, ensure that you buy a washable cover can be easily removed and replaced from your mattress. Nowadays, you can even purchase mattress which are designed to repel allergy causing dust mites, so you don’t have to vacuum the mattress very often.


Every week, you should wash bedding like pillow covers, bed sheets, comforters, etc. clean bedding will help you to keep your mattress and its cover clean for a long period of time. For at least once in every month, or when there are any spills, you should remove and wash the mattress cover.


While you’re changing the covers of the mattress, it is the best time to check if there are any stains present on the mattress or not. At least once a month, it will be an excellent idea to vacuum the mattress. Dirt, dander, grime, mites start building up on the mattress and even people who don’t have any allergies start feeling unhealthy. By using the upholstery attachment you can vacuum the mattress. You need to vacuum more frequently, if someone is suffering from allergy at your home.


Here’s a list of things you need to keep your mattress clean?


  • Mattress cover
  • Clean water
  • Upholstery shampoo
  • Mild detergent
  • Scrub
  • Sponges
  • Vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment


  • What Should You Do If Spills Or Stains Occur On Your Mattress?


You should quickly remove and wash all bedding, especially mattress cover, if a stain or spill occurs on a mattress. You can use a high quality upholstery shampoo, if the mattresses have become dirty or soiled. By using the right upholstery shampoo or detergent, you can clean dirt and soil from the mattress. Rinse the mattress with warm water and allow it to soak and dry completely. However, hiring professional cleaners for mattress cleaning is the best way to ensure that your mattress stays in the best condition.


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