Cleaning Your House After a Major Renovation Project

Published January 31

A professional clean after a major (or minor) renovation job is the cream on the cake. Obviously you can’t wait to get back into your home and start reaping the benefits after putting up with all that inconvenience. No matter how great your tradies were there will still be dirt and debris throughout. The risk is that it will get into the ventilation system and spread throughout your home. Without making too fine a point of it, a house full of grit and grime not only looks shabby and feels uncomfortable, it’s not great for your health either. 

There’s a reason why the clean after a renovation is different to any other type of clean. The dust particles are much finer and they manage to sneak into every nook and cranny they can find. The film of fine dust detracts from what should be a fresh, new appearance.

We recommend that you hire a great after builders cleaning service in Sydney. Like the building company that you used, they’re professionals and they’ll do a far more thorough and better job in a shorter period of time. But if the budget is blown or you just want to get in and do it yourself, here’s a few little tips on cleaning a newly renovated house.

To start with, get stuck into cleaning your upholstery, carpets and curtains. No doubt you did your best to cover them but those fine particles have a habit of finding their way into everything. Once between the weaves of whatever fabric it might be, it begins to cause damage. After renovation cleaning service professionals have the right equipment to do the job quickly but if you insist on doing it yourself then remove all of the cushions to the outside of the home and beat the dust out of them. Then vacuum the cushions, all of the mattresses and the carpet. Concentrate specifically on folds and seams.

When it comes to walls, ceilings and window frames, start with dry dusting. Especially if you’ve just had your home painted and added some decorative plaster work. If you are finding that it’s counter productive then you could use a damp microfibre towel. If you are worried about using moisture, contact your painter or decorator and they’ll tell you if moisture is likely to cause damage or not. Don’t forget all your appliances, light fittings and decorative items. 

If you have an air conditioning system then you should change all of the filters, especially if you have a ducted system. It will go a long way to reducing the circulation of dirt and dust particles. For people with breathing and respiratory problems, it can trigger allergies and lead to far more serious problems.

If you want to experience a hassle free transition from your old home to a newly renovated home then contact Pressure & Steam to experience the entire after builders cleaning services benefits.

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