How do you maintain solar panels?

Published February 28

Solar panels are a significant investment. If you have invested in solar panels the idea is to save on energy costs.  Solar panel maintenance and professional solar panel cleaning services are essential to ensure that your investment pays off for the long term.

We recommend that you schedule a regular solar panel maintenance service to keep your solar panels in the best possible condition. If you would prefer to manage your own maintenance then the following tips will help:

Keep your solar panels away from shade

At installation and after installation, make sure that your solar panels are kept out of the shade. That means removing any overhanging branches and anything else that may interfere with direct sunlight. 

Inverters should be flashing green

Inverters convert solar energy into an electrical current and feed that current into the commercial electric grid. Your solar panels are ineffectual if the inverter lights are not flashing green. You need to keep an eye on your solar panels and especially the inverter lights.

Track their performance

Document the amount of energy your solar panels are producing. There will be inconsistencies in performance, especially on cloudy days. But those inconsistencies should be recorded and if they are inordinate then they should be reported to the manufacturer. Monitoring will record the benefits to the environment and help you to record the excess energy you are providing to the grid (feed in tariff).

Automated cleaners

Automated cleaners are an efficient sprinkler type system for washing solar panels. They are an effective addition to a professional cleaning service but not a suitable alternative. 

Pressure & Steam are commercial and residential cleaning specialists. We can clean everything from carpets and upholstery to solar panels, roofs and external buildings. Contact us today for an obligation free chat. Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance programs to maintain the value of your greatest asset – your home. 

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