Month: April 2016




  • Bedroom Carpeting – Carpet Choices & Benefits

    Flooring of your bedroom is quite important. Before you remove your shoes and climb into bed at night, it will be the last thing that your feet will touch. Also, when you wake and leave your bed each morning, it will be the first thing your legs will feel. This is the main reason which […]

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  • Tips To Remove Pet Stains and Odours From Your Carpet

    The stains and odours made by pets on the carpets is one of the main areas of concern for the majority of pet lovers. Here are top tips that will help you to eliminate stains and odours caused by your pets from the carpets. Have a look. Tips To Remove The Fresh Stains (The One […]

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  • Top 3 Steps To Clean Wine Stains From Your Carpet

    Wine spills on the carpets are quite common in almost every home. The main issue is to prevent your expensive carpets from getting stained with extremely stubborn wine stains. Lighter the colour of the carpet, and darker the wine, makes it a lot more difficult to remove the stain out from the carpet. As in […]

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