Top 3 Steps To Clean Wine Stains From Your Carpet

Published April 08

Wine spills on the carpets are quite common in almost every home. The main issue is to prevent your expensive carpets from getting stained with extremely stubborn wine stains. Lighter the colour of the carpet, and darker the wine, makes it a lot more difficult to remove the stain out from the carpet.

As in all cleaning situations, the first thing to do is to treat the stain as quickly as possible. Using a white cloth, paper towels, or any cleaning solution that you can find at your home, you should quickly dab up the wine spill. If you react immediately to clean the spill, you’ll be reducing the chances for the spill to soak down and stain the fibres of the carpet permanently.

The process of wine stain removal from your carpet will be done in three parts:

  • Step #1 – Take 6 cups of water, and mix 3 spoons of vinegar into it. After stirring the solution properly, pour it into a clean spray bottle, and apply it on the stained area of your carpet. Wait for a few moments and let the solution work, after sometime dab the solution using a paper towel or white cloth. Until you see that the colour isn’t coming up from the carpet onto your cleaning cloth, keep on spraying and dabbing the stain. You can repeat the process, by making a new water and vinegar solution.
  • Step #2 – By using your microwave, warm a cup of water for about thirty seconds. Pick your dishwashing detergent and mix its 4 to 5 drops in the water, and then stir it thoroughly to achieve a uniform colour of the solution. Fill this detergent solution in a spray bottle and spray the solution over the stain in the carpet. Use a sponge or cloth to slowly remove the stain from the carpet. Without spreading the stain to surrounding fibres, you should make an effort to loosen the staining agents. Keep repeating this process, and if there’s any excess moisture, wipe it up using a cloth or paper towel. Use the whole solution you have made to clean the stain from your carpet.
  • Step #3 – The third and the final step of cleaning your carpet is to rinse it properly with warm clean water. Apply the warm water to the stained area, and then dab it using a paper or cloth until it dry out completely. Until you are sure that all of the vinegar and detergent has been removed, keep repeating this process for several times. To determine if the affected area is clean, you can smell it to see if there’s any scent of vinegar or detergent on the carpet. Use a fan directed towards the cleaned area to dry the carpet quickly.
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