Bedroom Carpeting – Carpet Choices & Benefits

Published April 25

Flooring of your bedroom is quite important. Before you remove your shoes and climb into bed at night, it will be the last thing that your feet will touch. Also, when you wake and leave your bed each morning, it will be the first thing your legs will feel. This is the main reason which makes carpets the best choice for bedroom flooring. With proper carpet cleaning, you can ensure that it remains plush, soft, warm underfoot, and soothing to the touch.

Here are some of the major benefits of having high quality carpet in your bedroom.

  • Keeps You Warm

On a cold winter morning, one of the worst feelings is to get out your bed and then place your feet on chilly and freezing floor. However, you never have to worry about that anymore by simply getting carpet on the floor. No matter how cold the weather is, your bedroom carpeting will always remain warm and soft.

  • Soft To Touch

Each morning, the first thing your bare feet touch will be soft and cosy carpet on your bedroom floor. Also, before slipping from shoes and going into bed each night the soft flooring will help your feet to relax. Carpet is indeed a very soothing bedroom application as it has a soft, cushioned feel which will make you feel like heaven.

  • Decreases The Sound Pollution

One of the major and least discussed benefits of quality carpet is that it can insulate the room against unwanted ambient noise. The thicker flooring you get, the lesser sound will be transmitted into the serenity of your bedroom.

  • Low Maintenance

Apart from cleaning with stains, the only maintenance required for carpet is regular vacuuming.

Different Types Of Carpet Fibres

There is a wide range of synthetic and natural carpet fibres. Here are the four most common materials.

  • Wool Carpets

Wool is no doubt a luxurious, natural and long lasting material which is often used to make the softest carpets. Unfortunately, poor quality wool is more prone to stains, and on the other hand high quality wool is quite expensive. By combining wool with synthetic fibres to make carpets, we can get the benefits of both.

  • Nylon Carpets

Nylon is the most popular carpet material as it is soft, durable, and resistant to stains. Nylon carpets generally cover 3/4 market of all manufactured pieces.

  • Polyester Carpets

Polyester fibres are valued because they have amazing ability to hold vibrant, dramatic colours which are long lasting and do not fade with time. They are non-allergenic and eco-friendly.

  • Polypropylene Carpets

Soft to touch, these fibres are quite resilient and resistant to all types of stains.


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