Cleaning Your Mattress is Good For Your Health

Published April 25

You might be stressed but there’s nothing going in your life that you can pinpoint as the cause. You might be coughing and wheezing but for as long as you can remember you’ve never suffered from allergies. It could be your body? You might be suffering from a bad back or have a range of other aches and pains despite being in good shape. If it’s not all of those or one of them, then it might be something else. Could it be that you’re getting the cold shoulder from your nearest and dearest because you’ve started to snore like never before or you’re just very grumpy from a lack of sleep.  

Before you go making appointments with specialists or seeking some other kinds of therapies you might want to look a bit closer to home … Actually in your home. Your bedroom to be precise. Yep all of the symptoms that have been described are the consequences of sleeping on an old or dirty mattress.

The most immediate and obvious symptom of having an old and dirty mattress is a lack of sleep. In fact if you’ve got an old or dirty mattress your chances of getting a decent eight hours sleep a night range from not likely to no chance.

Do you know what your cortisol level is?

Cortisol is a hormone that plays a vital role in the body’s response to stress. If your cortisol level is high then you are experiencing high levels of stress. Comparative tests conducted on people who sleep on old and new mattresses showed people sleeping on old mattresses had much higher cortisol levels. Therefore sleeping on an old mattress increases your stress.

And it’s no secret that replacing an old mattress for a new mattress is great for your back.


In your sleep you shed dead skin which is highly attractive to bugs that live in mattresses and dust mites. Dust mites and bed bugs are the main cause of respiratory problems and allergies. If you are waking in the morning with allergy symptoms there’s a good chance that your mattress needs to be replaced.


And allergens, dust mites and other dirt that live in the fibres of your mattress and cause respiratory problems are also the reason for your snoring. These allergens are blocking your air waves so you have trouble getting air to your lungs when you sleep.

What’s the solution?

Replacing your mattress if it’s very old and causing back pain is the most sensible thing that you can do. But perhaps your mattress isn’t that old but still causing allergies and giving you respiratory problems. The solution is to steam clean your mattress.

Pressure & Steam have a mattress cleaning service

Pressure & Steam have a mattress cleaning service with the latest state of the art equipment to clean, sanitise and dry all types of mattresses. As well as treating stains and spillage, we also apply high quality bacteria killing detergents which are sprayed on the mattress to help clear dirt and eliminate dust mites. In addition to the treatment, we also offer a dust mite and anti allergen protection service.

For advice on mattress from professional mattress cleaners call Pressure & Steam today. We service greater Sydney, the Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower North Shore, Eastern suburbs and the Inner West.

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