Top 8 Carpet Cleaning Myths

Published February 29

It’s time to debunk some myths! Here are top 8 myths related to carpet cleaning. Have a look.

Top 8 Carpet Cleaning Myths

  • Myth Number #1 – By Getting Inexpensive Carpet You Can Save Money

One of the biggest mistakes that majority of people make while buying new floor coverings for their home. It will not prove to be a good investment because carpets become dirty quickly and gets damage when used more often.

  • Myth Number #2 – Inexpensive Pad Will Save Lots Of Money

Another major mistake people make is saving money on carpet pads. Inexpensive carpet pad will break down quicker than you could imagine which makes the carpet to worn out early. It’s not a good decision, especially if the carpet you have bought is costly. Always go for high quality carpet pad.

  • Myth Number #3: A Year Old Doesn’t Require Professional Cleaning

If you believe this myth then you’re making a big mistake because carpets quickly become home of numerous allergies. Don’t have a false assumption that new floor covering doesn’t need professional cleaning.

  • Myth Number #4: If You’ve A Machine, You Don’t Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Some people buy or rent carpet cleaning machine to do the job on their own. However, with lack of experience, these people destroy the quality and colour of their rugs by using wrong cleaning techniques.

  • Myth Number #5: Carpet Cleaning Products Available In The Market Are Good Enough

No! You can surely buy lots of cleaning detergents and other products that clean rugs from the market, but these products are supposed to be handled mostly by professional cleaners. Excess usage of such products will damage the quality of the rugs.

  • Myth Number #6: Vacuuming Carpet Once A Week Is Enough

Don’t get fooled by this myth at all. You should vacuum all the carpets at your home thrice a week. Vacuuming hardly takes any time and ensures a healthy environment at your home.

  • Myth Number #7: Steam Cleaning Makes Your Carpet Damp

No, steam cleaning won’t make your carpet damp at all. Of course water is used in this type of cleaning method, but the expert carpet cleaners will ensure that floor covering becomes dry completely before they leave your house.

  • Myth Number #8: Carpet Can Be Kept Fresh With Deodoriser Powder Without Cleaning

This can prove to be dangerous not only to your carpet, but also to your health. Deodoriser will make the carpet smell good, but what about the dirt, bacteria and allergens hidden inside the fibres of the floor covering? Deodoriser should be used after the cleaning process completes.

Final Thoughts: With help of these myth busters, you can get a cleaner carpet. However, for a complete and effective cleaning you should hire professional carpet cleaning company only.

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