Things You Should Do Before Professional Carpet Cleaner Arrives At Your Home

Published December 19

Hiring professional help to get your carpets cleaned is an excellent way to freshen up your home; it also increases the beauty and life span of the carpets.

One of the best benefits of hiring professional cleaners is that all the dirty work is done by them while you can relax and see your beloved flooring getting cleaned. However, to achieve the best possible results you can also contribute in the cleaning process.

Here are some measures you can take before carpet cleaning team arrives at your home.

  • If Needed, You Can Do Vacuum

By taking away the debris and dust, which is stuck at the upper layer of your carpet fibre, before cleaning process starts may also help to make sure that the professional carpet cleaner focuses more on the dirt which is soiled deep inside the flooring. Most of the professional carpet cleaners perform a complete vacuuming session before starting the cleaning process. Some might expect you to do the job before they arrive to do the more serious work. Request your carpet cleaning company, if you should vacuum ahead of their arrival.

  • Clean Registers And Baseboards

Before professional cleaning team arrives at your home, you should clean HVAC registers and baseboards to ensure that the carpet doesn’t get dirty again after the cleaning process is completed. However, HVAC registers and baseboards can be cleaned by professional cleaners if you ask them to do the job for you (they may charge extra for this).

  • Take Out Fragile & Valuable Furnishing Items

Glass vases, porcelain crockery, collectibles and other most likely delicate or breakable things needs to be taken away from the place where cleaning is to be done to a safer place. To avoid any mishaps do this before the arrival of the professional cleaners.

  • Adjust Furniture To Get More Space

In most of the houses, carpets cover the whole rooms and furniture items are placed on top of them. So, you should move the furniture to ensure that every corner of the carpet gets cleaned properly. You should also move out the furniture to make the cleaning area more spacious for the carpet cleaners to work freely. The furniture is often heavy to move around, so most of the professional carpet cleaners will help you in moving the furniture around. However, some might refuse to do this task so it is better you ask them before hiring.

  • Figure Out The Areas Of Concerns

Before the arrival of professional carpet cleaners, you need to figure out the areas of the flooring which need extra attention and care while cleaning is done. This will not only make the work of cleaners easy, but it will also produce better cleaning results.

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