Things To Know Before You Buy A New Carpet For Your Home

Published February 15

A variety of carpets are available in market nowadays. These come in different designs, cuts, fibres and colours. Carpets are being manufactured using new techniques and materials. These floor coverings are not only made by using multiple techniques, but even the cleaning process is different from the other. Different types of carpet cleaning methods are applied on distinct variety of floor coverings.

Here are some points you should consider while purchasing a carpet for your home.

  • Different Types Of Fibres Used To Make Carpets

Almost every floor covering these days is created by using artificial fibres, and the most common fibres used in this process are nylon and polypropylene (olefin). Polypropylene is one of the best choices for indoor or outdoor floor coverings. Natural fibres, especially wool is expensive and requires a more attention for cleaning compared to synthetics. Other synthetic fibres which are commonly used are polyester and acrylic. Synthetic fibres offer extra durability and simple maintenance. Eco-friendliness and recycled products are also becoming a trend in the carpet manufacturing industry.

  • Different Styles And Types Of Carpets

Loop pile styles of floor coverings have become quite a popular choice among homeowners. The loops in a cut pile carpet stay unchanged which gives it a level loop appearance. Regular vacuuming should be done to ensure that dirt and soil doesn’t gets stuck in the loops, but overall this type of floor covering is a lot easier to maintain. Patterned loop rugs are made by using loops of different length to create a design, usually geometric in appearance. Cut pile is more soft and luxurious whereas loop carpeting is more durable.

  • Loop And Cut Pile

Loop and cut pile carpet methods are also blended to give a textured visual appeal all over the floor covering. The loops have lighter shades of colour compared to tufts of cut pile and produce some pretty amazing styles and patterns. These floor coverings are available in solid colours and offer decent amount of efficiency. In addition it produces a casual and cosy appearance. As a result of exceptional styles they show, this sort of carpet conceals dirt and soil a lot better than others. However, this shouldn’t be a matter of concern for people who regularly perform carpet cleaning.

Plush or velvet is another type of carpet that has a small but strong fan base. These are created by slightly twisting the tufts in the same direction. Their magnificent look makes them ideal for formal places or staircases.

  • Remember The Carpet Pad

No matter which type of carpet you choose all of them will need a pad as a base underneath. The pad will reduce the level of wear and tear and makes the floor covering comfortable. So don’t forget the carpet pad.

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