6 Secrets For Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Published February 22

6 Secrets For Keeping Your Carpet CleanWho doesn’t love the softness of carpet instead of hard floors? However, many people stay away from carpets because they think that it’s quite costly to maintain carpets.

This is a completely wrong assumption because carpet cleaning isn’t a costly affair and by following a few simple preventative measures, you can ensure that your carpets stay clean for a much longer period of time.

Here are 6 amazing secrets which you can apply at your home to keep your carpets clean for long. Have a look.

  • Keep The Shoes Outside

Although this point is quite obvious, still most of us fail to follow it. Just think about it, you walk outdoors wearing your shoes, come back to your home and ruin the carpet by walking straight on it. Make it a strict rule for all your family members that no outdoor shoes on the carpet.

  • Don’t Stay Bare Foot

You might find it a bit surprising and no matter how clean your feet are, you need to avoid walking bare foot on the carpets. Your feet have natural oil in the skin, which might leave behind a small amount of oily residue. So why take chances? Make a habit of wearing socks or indoor slippers while walking on your floor coverings.

  • Keep Mats Outside And Inside Your House

It is quite vital to keep a mat both outside and inside at the main entrance door of your house. These mats play a crucial role in ensuring that not even a single particle of dirt enters your house (if used properly). Having mats both outside and inside will also help you to change your shoes without bringing dirt in your house.

  • Use Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming the floor coverings on a regular basis will get rid of all the dust and filth which might be present on your carpet. These dirt particles get embedded deep in the carpet pile and become tough to remove. By vacuuming at least once a week, you can keep the rugs clean and healthy.

  • Clean Spills Instantly

Yes, you may have heard this one before, sounds nothing like a secret, but do you really follow it? The longer you leave a spill untreated on the carpet, it become extremely stubborn to remove. The small spill which you neglected cleaning immediately might become the toughest stain to remove from the carpet. So, to save yourself from trouble later, clean any spill immediately.

  • Clean Your Cleaning Solution Properly

If you’re using a cleaning solution to remove any specific spill from the carpet then make sure that you rinse the carpet properly, removing the solution effectively. If the cleaning solution is not removed properly then there’s a strong chance that it will later mix with the dirt residue and make your carpet even dirtier than before.

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