Different Types of Carpet – Choose The Best Carpet For Your Home

Published February 09

Creation of different types and styles of carpets can be described as various techniques of sewing strands of yarn into a material which provides a base. This happens when thousands of yarn loops are created.

You can usually find carpets in two types of construction process, which are cut pile and loop pile. Both have a lot of variations and affect the outcome of the final product.

One more important thing you should keep in mind that different types of carpets require distinct approaches in carpet cleaning procedure.

Here are some common types of carpets you can buy to increase the beauty of your home. Have a look.

  • Cut Pile

This type of carpet receives its sturdiness & durability from the fibre, the twist of the yarn, along with the density with the tufts. You will find five well-known styles to pick from: plush, Saxony, textured, cable and frieze.

  • Plush: This includes an easy, smooth and even complete layer, offering a bit formal look.
  • Saxony: This incorporates sleek and finish, however the fibres are longer compared to textured, also the fibres have a twist. While this is the most preferred kind of carpet, it points out footprints and other marks more than any other types of carpet.
  • Textured: This style utilises fibres with low density and uneven heights. It conceals filth with an informal look, though it is not recommended in areas where traffic is quite high.
  • Frieze: This style attributes lengthy fibres with additional twists, so the texture obtained is casual. It a lot successful in hiding foot prints together with other marks easily compared to other types, but is normally not suitable for areas that have high traffic. If piles are lengthy then they’re referred as ‘shag’.
  • Cable: This form is created with thicker and lengthy fibres to give a better ‘cosy’ experience into the flooring when walked on.
  • Loop Pile

This type of carpets never cut the tips of the yarn, so the loops become visible. Often termed as ‘all-purpose’ carpet, these are quite durable in construction. In this type, you can choose from a variety of styles such as cut and loop, patterned multi-level loop and level loop.

  • Cut and Loop: It is combination cut pile and loop pile fibres. It has a textured look which is considered as ideal for areas which record high traffic. This type of style also plays a significant role in hiding dirt and stains for the eyes of the visitors, you can easily get rid of dirt and stains later with effective carpet cleaning procedure.
  • Patterned Multi-Level Loop: It features loops of different heights to produce a pattern and or texture.
  • Level Loop or Berber: It is made up of packed short looped fibres. This style offers a durable surface for high trafficked areas.

Final Thoughts: No matter which type and style of carpet you choose, ensure that you hire professional cleaners for carpet cleaning job because every carpet needs a different approach of cleaning.

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