Office Window Cleaning Offers Five Major Benefits

Published March 30

The benefits of having clean windows in your office involves a lot more than shiny glass. With regular cleaning, you will be removing potential health hazards, allowing more light to enter the building and of course makes your building look much better.

Looks better

Imagine a potential customer coming to your business. What could they be thinking about when looking at your building? They might not think of anything, but some certainly will. If they see dirty, spotty windows their overall first impressions may be degraded and could potentially lose business. It’s almost nitpicking on something that likely won’t happen, but it’s not impossible. On the contrary, presenting to your potential customers sparkly clean windows may distract them from other building imperfections you’d rather them not see like cracks in bricks or runny pipes for example. 

Another plus is that clean windows are also appealing from the inside. Your staff won’t be complaining about your windows when looking out for a quick break. It can make the atmosphere more comfortable, and make office spaces feel more professional.

Eliminates potential window related health risks

Think about it, over time a window left untreated can build up with bacteria, mould, dust and even fungus depending on your type of climate and environment. When this builds up, bacteria allows for microbes to grow and cause unseen airborne diseases to spread in the office. This can also come from window grime. Buildup of dust can cause dust mites, and their feces can cause more airborne health hazards, potentially causing allergies to flare up and affect people with respiratory issues. If someone infected with a virus has come into contact with these windows, then that virus could live on the surface of the window for a given time, and if someone else touches it during that time, they can become infected too. It’s important when cleaning, to also disinfect and clean off this grime to keep your office a clean and healthy environment for your fellow staff, potential customers and yourself. A reliable commercial window cleaning service can help and provide professional cleaning assistance.

Improves your windows lifespan

With anything, keeping your windows cleaned regularly will improve their lifespan. It will help maintain the strength and quality of the glass, as well as its frame when properly cleaned. When cleaning the outside surface, window cleaning solution can be applied to the glass and frame to reduce the damage that the sun and rain could inflict on it. By keeping them maintained, you could save a lot of money if you don’t need to replace them for much longer than normal.

Lets more light come through

When you think about all the grime and muck a dirty window can have, you can also determine that this will affect the light that can pass through it. If you’ve ever been in an old, outdoor bathroom, it’s very likely that the windows are filthy and don’t provide much light at all. We don’t expect office windows to ever get to this point, and you should make sure it doesn’t. Cleaning them will allow more light and warmth to enter the building, keeping staff, customers and yourself comfortable.

More effective heating efficiency

In conjunction with letting more light come through, clean windows will get rid of the potential health risks, letting in more warmth. In colder seasons, keeping your windows clean will allow for more heat to come in, and will ultimately save on the amount of electricity used for heating. Air conditioners can be effective but costly, but the sun is free. Obviously, it’s not a complete replacement when the temperature is really low, but it can provide a window for you to not need air con for a while, which can add up over time and save you a lot of money.

At the end of the day, there are so many reasons why you should keep your windows clean, it looks better, it’s better for everyone’s health and can even help you with heating the room up. If you need office window cleaning services done by professionals, contact Pressure & Steam.

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