Myths About Carpet Cleaning Debunked

Published June 04

Here are some common myths related with carpet cleaning debunked.

Myth: You should wait for as long as possible before carpet cleaning for the very first time, since your carpet will never look the exact same again.

Fact: Waiting a long period of time for your carpet to be cleaned will result in nothing but dirt, germs and hazards as well as make the work harder for your professional carpet cleaners Sydney. As long as you employ a skilled professional, your carpets will appear far better when you clean them up.

Myth: Carpet cleaning could shrink the fabric.

Fact: Your carpet is highly unlikely to shrink unless the hired cleaner leaves the carpet exceptionally damp. A professional cleaner would never permit this to happen, but to be on the safe side you should look for wetness when the carpet cleaner finishes the job, before they leave your home.

Myth: Don’t vacuum the rug often.

Fact: Various studies have proven that vacuuming your carpet 3 to 4 every week does no more damage to it than vacuuming it twice per month. In reality, the dirt and residue in carpet fibres can be hazardous in your wellbeing, so it’s best to vacuum regularly.

Myth: Wash carpet only if it is stained.

Fact: The dirt and residue which can build up in your carpet and rugs can easily go unnoticed to the naked eye. It’s wise to get carpet and rugs cleaned at least every 6 months by an experienced professional, particularly when have kids in your home.

Myth: Don’t clean rugs since they have built-in stain resistance.

Fact: While rugs with stain resistance might help in cases of accidental spills, dirt gets buried beneath the fabric. Handle your built-in stain resistance rug just like any carpet.

Myth: Carpet cleaning too often isn’t good.

Fact: It’s pretty much impossible to clean your carpet excessively. In reality, the more it is cleaned, the longer it’ll keep its initial appearance. Carpets aren’t cheap to purchase so cleaning regularly simply shields and protect your investment.

Myth: Cleaning can damage stain resistance.

Fact: Built-in stain resistance is by no means long lasting, but excessive wear on the carpet can cause it to weaken and loosen up quite early. Hire a carpet cleaner Sydney expert who can re-implement stain resistance after every cleaning session.

Myth: carpet cleaners Sydney do just as good a job

Fact: Never seek the services of carpet cleaners Sydney simply because their rates are low. Bad carpet cleaning work can leave your carpet in an even worse condition than it was before you began.

So if your queries have been answered then hire professional carpet cleaners Sydney who can do effective carpet cleaning for you in Sydney, Australia.

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