Five Tips for Keeping your Home Clean in Winter

Published April 11

We spend a lot of time outside with our family during the warmer weather, but as winter starts to roll around, we spend a lot more time indoors instead. Therefore, it is crucial that our homes are being cleaned regularly and properly during this time, as Winter home cleaning is needed to get rid of the extra dirt and debris that may come from wet and windy weather. Here are five tips for keeping your home clean in Winter so that you are nice and cozy this colder season in a cleaner, nicer home. 

Clean your carpet

One crucial way to keep your home clean this Winter is by cleaning your carpet. Carpet cleaning in Winter is essential because your family brings in more dirt and other debris from cold, wetter weather that appears during Winter. In addition, it is a central part of a lot of different rooms during the colder weather. So, your carpet will get a lot more build-up than usual and cleaning it will help your homes overall cleanliness during the colder season. If you believe that you would not be able to do a good clean of your carpet on your own, there are pressure cleaning services that specialise in cleaning household items such as carpets by using pressure cleaning. 

Clean your mattresses 

Another way to keep your home clean in Winter is by cleaning your mattresses. Sanitising your mattress will help with germs brought into your home and getting sick, so making sure to clean the different mattresses in your home is a good step in keeping your house clean. The best way to do this is by mattress steam cleaning. This will ensure that you and your family can relax in bed without worrying about getting sick. 

Clean the windows

Another way to keep your home clean in Winter is to clean the windows in your home. Not only does wind pick up dirt and debris that can end up on your windows, causing them to look dirty, but you are often opening and closing the window during the colder weather. So, it will also get more hand and finger marks from you and potentially your children. An easy fix to maintain your windows overall cleanliness is wiping it down with a good window cleaner. This will have your window looking its best even despite the weather. 

Upholstery cleaning

Another critical step of keeping your home clean in Winter is by looking after your furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning is excellent for getting your furniture looking good and clean for visitors and your family. By regularly looking after your furniture and upholstery, you will maintain its cleanliness and its longevity too, which is ideal during months like Winter where you are using your inside furniture more as you are often staying inside away from the colder weather. 

Disinfect your surfaces

Finally, another way to keep your home clean in Winter is by disinfecting your surfaces. Especially within parts of the house that you often use, like kitchen counters, bedrooms and living room spaces in the home. Disinfecting your surfaces, like objects throughout your home when cleaning, will ensure that your home’s rid of dirt and germs.

These tips are great ways to ensure that your home is maintained and remains clean for your family and any visitors you have during Winter. By making sure you follow these steps and do them at least once or twice during the colder season, you can make sure that your home maintains its cleanliness even during the cooler times and limits the germs and dirt entering your home. 

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