Top 7 Cleaning Mistakes That Damage Your Carpet

Published January 30

To stay away from carpet damage and to increase its life, you must identify and avoid the following 7 carpet cleaning mistakes. No doubt, the best way is to hire a professional company that offers excellent carpet cleaning in Sydney. Have a look.

  • Forcefully Scrubbing A Stain

The fibres & fabric of your carpet will get damage, if you forcefully scrub a stain from it. You need to understand that no matter how vigorously you scrub the stain there’ll be hardly any effect on it. Also, extensive scrubbing might simply make the stain more stubborn and hard to remove. The fibres will be twisted making them fray, so in such cases blotting is a better option.

  • Not Taking Sufficient Action Quickly

The longer you delay to clean the stain, the tougher it will become to get rid of. This delay will allow the spill to dry and the liquid will run down from the fibres to the carpet padding becoming extremely difficult to remove. This will certainly result in wicking when an attempt is made to clean the carpet, also this gives birth to odour and mould problem in the carpet.

  • Applying A Wrong Cleaning Chemical

Permanent damage and discoloration of carpet will surely occur, if you use wrong cleaning chemical for the carpet cleaning process in Sydney. You need to conduct a bit of research before buying chemical solutions available for carpet cleaning in Sydney. This will incorporate careful reading the label on the back of every product and following the guidelines stated by the manufacturer.

  • Using The Chemical Cleaning Solution Without Testing

While using a cleaning chemical for the first time, you must first test it on another fabric which is similar to your carpet or you can use the chemical on the corner area of the carpet which is not visible easily. This will help you to determine the power of chemical and you can use the right quantity for your carpet cleaning procedure in Sydney.

  • Using The Deodoriser In A Wrong Way

Remember, deodorisers are meant only to remove odour and to give a pleasant smell to your carpets. These are not meant for cleaning the carpets. In fact, if you avoid cleaning and just keep on using deodorisers then after a period of time your carpet will start to smell bad. The deodorising chemicals should be used only after proper cleaning has been done.

  • Using Excessive Cleaning Chemicals

Another major mistakes most of us do is using excessive cleaning chemicals while scrubbing the carpets. No matter how much you have faith in your cleaning chemical, excessive usage will damage the fibres of the flooring.

  • Not Getting The Carpets Cleaned Professionally

This is a big mistake done by most of the homeowners in Sydney. You might be aware with some tips or tricks about carpet cleaning, but you can’t match the level of expertise delivered by professionals for carpet cleaning in Sydney. So, hire professional carpet cleaners to increase the life & beauty of your carpets.

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