5 Warning Signs That Your Gutters Need Cleaning

Published January 29

When it comes to your daily home cleaning tasks, many people neglect an essential part of their home, the gutter. Gutters are responsible for managing the flow of rainwater away from your home. Water buildup comes from clogged gutters, which can damage your home’s inside and outside structure when left unattended. Here are five warning signs that your gutter needs cleaning, before it’s too late.

Water leaks from your gutter

Wait, isn’t water meant to come out of your gutters? Yes but only from specific areas. Gutters are designed to carry water down through pipes and into a drain. If you notice that water is dripping from the sides or underneath your gutter, it may be full of leaves, sticks, and debris, preventing water from flowing correctly. The best course of action here is to clean out your gutters when it’s safe to do so, on a dry day. Removing all this debris will allow water to flow smoothly and drain properly.

Your gutter shape starts warping

Gutters aren’t designed to hold water for long periods, and not all gutters are built the same. If you notice that your gutter is beginning to warp or change shape, then you need to investigate it at once. Warping may become more prominent with gutters overflowing in heavy rain. If you’re inexperienced with climbing up on a ladder and analysing the problem yourself, seeking professional help is your best bet. Gutter cleaning professionals are fully equipped with the knowledge and hardware to clean and diagnose issues efficiently and safely. With their assistance, you’ll crack your gutter case in no time and get great advice on the best way to clean gutters yourself.

Cracks appear in your home’s foundation

A cracked foundation could come from multiple sources, and one source is from an overflowing gutter. When water is blocked from travelling away from your home, it could begin leaking into your home instead. Your foundation may start to crack in the colder months when the leaking water begins to freeze and expand, resulting in an expensive repair bill. Gutter cleaning professionals in the Northern Beaches will clean your gutters and give you the best water damage solution.

Your gutter starts rattling

If you start hearing a ruckus up in your gutter, then it could mean that small rodents and animals have started living there. It’s not an uncommon scenario, and many animals love to hide in the leaves and debris that may be built up there. These animals may be pests that will rummage through your garbage and may start invading the inside of your home when left alone for too long. Keep your gutters clean to avoid these pests, and if they continue to come afterwards, seek the help of a professional animal relocator.

The sides of your walls are stained

If you aren’t aware of how those stains appeared on your walls, then chances are it’s because of overflowing and stagnant water. If left untreated for too long, you could see repair costs going to the thousands. 

To save yourself the worry and stress of cleaning your gutters, contact the experts and get your gutters cleaned by professionals. Their experience, skill and hardware will get your gutters back to pristine condition.

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