5 Spots of Your Home That Need Outdoor Cleaning

Published February 28

An essential factor of living inside your house is regular maintenance and cleaning. But it is important to remember also to take time to clean the outside area. Having time to focus on specific areas outside your house will help maintain its exterior. Here are the top 5 spots of your home that should have regular cleaning and how you should clean them. 

  1. Roof

Do not neglect to look after the roof of your house. Not only does regular cleaning help it last longer by preventing damages to it, but it also will keep your overall exterior looking nice. Before washing your roof, it is essential to know what type of roof you have and the best way to clean that particular roof. A great way to clean the roof is high-pressure washing, but you cannot do this on all types of roofing. For example, colourbond roof cleaning is different from how you would maintain other roof types. You should use specialised cleaning with only medium-pressure not to damage the colour bond. Knowing what kind of roof you have will help make the right decision in cleaning and preserving your roof. 

  1. Gutters

Another part of your roof that you should clean regularly are the gutters. The gutters need cleaning so that leaves, twigs and other objects can be removed and not cause blockage or damage to your drainage system. When left alone, this can cause buildup that will impact the outside and the inside of your home, so it’s crucial to keep them clean. If you see signs of water leaks throughout the house or cracks in your walls, these are signs that your gutters are due for an inspection and clean. 

  1. Exterior Walls

It is vital to maintain your exterior walls too. Not only can they develop dirty over time, but water and paint damage can eventually impact the walls’ structure. Regular exterior house washing can prevent this from happening and protect your exterior walls from permanent damage. You can do this with high-pressure washing and routine maintenance of all of the exterior walls. Maintaining the roof and gutters will also prevent issues that can also impact your home’s exterior walls. 

  1. Driveway

It is essential to keep your driveway clean as not only is it one of the first things people notice in a household, but it is also constantly used by you and your family. Not only can pavement cracks collect dirt and debris, but they can also encourage weeds to grow. An excellent method to ensure that your driveway is maintained is to pressure wash your driveway. Not only will this clean the driveway of any dirt, but it will also get out oil and dirt stains. 

  1. Patio

The last spot of your house that needs outdoor cleaning is the patio. Your patio is a staple location for your family and guests to spend time with. Regular cleaning of this area will ensure that it is safe and clean for use by everyone and will leave your guests impressed too. Regular cleaning will prevent issues such as mould, staining and damage to parts of your patio. An excellent way to clean this area would be high-pressure washing, as this will help eliminate stains in timber or sandstone and help maintain your space and its longevity. 

These are five spots in your house that we believe need outdoor cleaning. If this is not manageable on your own, the easiest solution would be to get a specialist to clean these spots for you. Not only do they have the expertise with the right skill set to understand what these outside areas of your home need, but they have the correct tools to ensure the job gets done correctly. By following these tips, we hope that you can maintain your outdoor area and prevent it from damage. 

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