How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Fabric Furniture

Published December 30

There’s nothing better than relaxing in the comfort of your outdoor furniture, handpicked to suit your location and tastes. However, how do you maintain it and make sure it lasts for as long as possible? No matter what the weather is for you, here’s how to properly take care of your outdoor furniture and extend your fabric furniture’s life. 

Put it away when not in use

It’s a no brainer. If you’re not using it or don’t plan on using your furniture for an extended amount of time, then store it. There’s no point in leaving it out for the weather to degrade. The sun can quickly destroy your furniture, and fabrics such as outdoor furniture upholstery are highly susceptible to sun damage. Fabric colours will begin to fade, and the material will become weak and thin. You should invest in the best fabric protractor for your furniture which offers UV and water protection if you have nowhere undercover to store your furniture. If you have a place to keep them, cover them up with a cloth to protect from dust buildup. Ensure your location is safe from the rain, as water damage can destroy the upholstery and cause mould buildup over time.

Clean off mould and mildew properly

You can protect your furniture to the best of your ability, but somehow mould may still creep up and grow on your fabric furniture. Mould and mildew usually come from moisture left on the fabric for too long, and it can be harmful to breathe in and touch. If you decide to clean the DIY route, always use caution when working with mould, mildew and cleaning products. Always wear gloves, goggles, a safety mask and long-sleeved clothes for extra protection. Ensure that no children or pets are in the area, in case they get in contact with the chemicals or inhale strong fumes.

Some fabrics will be fine with simple laundry powder, water and some elbow grease. If you can, its easier to take the cover off and clean it separately from its padding, like cleaning an outdoor cushion fabric. If there’s no cover to remove, you’ll be able to remove most of the excess water with a towel or hairdryer and leave out to dry in the sun. Some fabrics may be machine washable, so make sure to check the labels and tags on your products before using other chemicals such as bleach.

Have it professionally handled

To avoid the risk of damaging your beloved furniture further, professional lounge cleaners in Sydney are highly experienced in fabric furniture maintenance and restorations. They offer various patio furniture cleaning surfaces that will take the stress out of your event planning and furniture maintenance needs.

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