3 Myths About Carpet Cleaning – Busted!

Published December 15

Over the years, carpet cleaning methods have completely changed. Together with the birth of new cleaning options and approaches carpet cleaning is now a lot easier and more practical. Most of the present day myths related to carpet cleaning started as truths back in the days when the cleaning technology was less evolved.

After years of operating in carpet cleaning business, we have come across multiple myths. Here are 3 most common myths which we have heard over the years working as carpet cleaners. Have a look.

  • Myth One – The carpets start becoming more dirty after they are cleaned because the chemical solution and soap left inside the fabric of the carpet attracts more dirt.

Fact: This myth originated in the past because at that time it was really difficult to rinse out all the soap and cleaning chemical from the carpets. The tools and machines used in that time period were far less effective in removing the residue hidden deep inside the flooring. The residue which was left behind acted as a magnet to attract dirt and filth to the rugs.

However, things have changed drastically and this isn’t the case anymore. Rinsing and extraction process have evolved significantly with latest machines. Only thing you need to assure is hiring professional carpet cleaners who are experts in their job.

  • Myth Two – Steam cleaning should be avoided as it causes problems by leaving the flooring wet.

Fact: It’s true that this issue was mostly the concern in the past due to lack of proper extraction techniques. Nowadays extraction methods and equipment are a lot more effective compared to older ones. The wetting problem might occur only if the machines are not efficient and the cleaners don’t have skills for cleaning the rugs properly. So, the key to achieve excellent results for your carpet cleaning project is hiring a renowned company whose workers have the skills and know the right technique of handling the cleaning and extraction equipment.

  • Myth Three – one should avoid walking on the carpets until they dry out completely.

Fact: Obviously, in case you have filthy feet or wearing dirty sneakers you should completely avoid walking on damp and moist carpets. You can wear clean socks or can even walk barefoot on the carpet before it dries out completely. However, you take a bit precaution by not walking on a specific are which was heavily soiled before the cleaning procedure and if there’s a chance that the soil might get settled again in that area. By hiring the best carpet cleaning company, you can ensure high quality service and tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets.

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