10 Steps To Do Pressure Washing & Prevent Building Damage

Published May 13

Are you worried due to the deteriorating condition of your home exterior? Has dirt, mould, mildew and grime ruined the curb appeal of your property? No need to worry as all building surfaces will fall apart and need upkeep after some time to avoid untimely damage to the structure. Toxins from cars, industries, and combustion have made it more essential to do building washing.

Normal cleaning and upkeep not just improves the look of a house and avoids harm, but it additionally helps in delaying the need for costly and tiring repair of the structure.

  • Pressure Cleaning In Sydney

People living in Sydney and its suburbs know how pollution and adverse effects of weather ruin the exterior beauty of their home. Sydney homeowners usually hire professional Pressure & Steam cleaners who utilise low and high pressure washing systems for building washing. Pressure washing is highly effective on a variety of surfaces, and reduces time & labour costs related with other manual cleaning processes.

Experts believe that pressure washing is more effective in cleaning stone, brick and concrete exteriors. In most cases, only hot water pressure cleaning without any cleaning solutions will be enough to successfully clean masonry surfaces.

However, if you’re doing the cleaning work on your own then make sure you keep pressure well below 1000 PSI while washing as mineral oxidation might occur, which could be aggravated by deep water penetration. To avoid damage, keep the pressure low and the nozzle tip at a safe distance from the surface. This needs to be done because high pressure cleaning might damage soft stone or brick, and even erode mortar joints.

Let’s take a quick look at 10 steps for DIY pressure cleaning in Sydney.

  1. Review the structure and surface for required repairs, exceptions to be made, or treatment.
  2. Use plastic and tape to cover the metal, wood or other surfaces you want to protect from the harsh chemicals.
  3. Test clean a small area and allow it to dry completely to see the results.
  4. Before washing, soak the surface with water. This incorporates every single territory to be cleaned, and areas beneath and nearby the territory being cleaned.
  5. Before applying a cleaning solution, make sure you saturate the surface heavily with water, while cleaning soft bricks.
  6. Use the concentration level of the cleaning chemical that is recommended by the manufacturer.
  7. After soaking the surface completely with water, apply the solution from top of the wall.
  8. Allow the cleaning solution a chance to settle and work on the surface for at least 5 to 10 minutes or as directed on item label. Use brush to unsettle the dirt accumulated in the pores. Don’t rub the surface excessively.
  9. Wash the surface with pressure water from top of the surface allowing the soil particles and debris to fall down completely.
  10. Check the results and repeat the process in areas where more cleaning is required.
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