Do I Need To Seal My Tiles?

Published May 18

Have you recently got new tiles at your house in Sydney, especially in your bathroom and kitchen? Have you done sealing and finishing of the tiles? If you haven’t, then it is time to seal and finish the tiles so that the results look sleek and professional.

  • Should I Seal My Tiles?

There’s no need to seal every kind of tile, but you can’t ignore the porous ones like unglazed ceramic and natural stone tiles. In case, you don’t know whether the tiles have porous characteristics or not, use a wet cloth or sponge on one tile and press down for a few moments. If you see a dark spot after lifting the cloth or sponge, then the tile is porous and must be sealed properly.

  • Which Is Right Kind Of Sealer For The Tiles?

For ceramic tiles, petroleum based sealers are seen as the best options. If you have natural stone tiles at your home in Sydney, then water based sealers will be ideal.

  • Steps For Tile Sealing

Before grouting is done, you need to seal the porous tiles. You need to seal it to ensure that the grouting doesn’t leak into the tiles and ruins the finish, and it will be almost impossible to clean or remove it later. Begin your work by pouring some tile sealant into a bottle. Then, take a squeegee and start applying the sealant, and then spread it evenly on every tile. Begin the work from a corner and do one tile at a time.

stone tiles

Try not to take too long while doing this task, else the sealant will begin to dry as you’re applying, highlighting any defects as you do the job. Before grouting, leave the surface for a day. For a better result, you can apply another layer of sealant after grouting work is completed.

  • Steps To Finish Or Edge Tiles

All efforts on tile sealing in your Sydney home will go futile if the tiled surfaces appear rough or incomplete at the edges, or sideways on.  To finish a tiled area, you can use these two ways:

  1. Caulk Edges Of The Tile

No doubt that this is surely the easiest and cheapest thing to do, but it is ideal for tiles with edges that already appear relatively finished. All you have to do is simply apply a thick line of caulk and allow it to settle, and then this will provide you an even more, watertight seal.

  1. Get Round Edge Tile Trim

A wide range of tile trim is available these days, and they come in many colours and materials. So, you can pick a look which coordinates with your tiles, or which appears differently to them, whatever you wish for. Round edge trim is easy to fit under the final row of tiles, and provides a professional look to the tiling work.

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