Learn How To Move Mattress To Your New Home

Published May 06

Are you moving to a new place and planning to take your stuff with you? Have you given a thought on how you’ll move you large and heavy mattress to your new home? Having knowledge about how to move a mattress is something which is known by people who switch places often, but it can prove quite tricky for people who haven’t done it before.

Let’s take a look at few tips that will help you to move your heavy mattress from one place to another without causing any mishaps.

  • Plan How You’ll Move It

Your preparation will determine how you’ll be moving your mattress. Are you planning to take it to your new place by placing it on top of car? Or, are you planning to hire Packers & Movers services to ship it to your new home? No matter what’s your plan, one thing you must ensure is to protect it from possible damage while the transfer is going on. This can be done by wrapping the mattress in thick plastic or by purchasing a mattress bag from the store.


Remember, most mattresses are too large to fit inside your car’s hatch or trunk. If you own a big van then you can make space for a small single mattress, but large mattresses won’t fit inside most of the vans or cars.

  • What You’ll Require To Move The Mattress

Here are the essential tools you need to have to move the mattress properly. Actually, the majority of these things must be a part of any move you’re making. Especially, when you’re moving things on your own and not hiring services of Packers & Movers. Have a look at the top 5 essential tools that will help you to move large items from one place to another.

  • Work gloves
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Rope
  • Thick plastic or mattress bag
  • Help from your friends – Extra pair of hands always come handy!
  • Use Thick Plastic To Wrap The Mattress

To begin with, wrap the mattress in thick plastic, ideally in a specially made bag. Ensure that any additional plastic is taped down. Remember, the wind can rip or tear the plastic if it’s not secured properly or create a sail that will make the mattress loose.

  • Get Enough Rope

You’ll require enough rope to tie around the mattress at least three times (first from the long side) and enough to cover the mattress width no less than three times. Ensure that you have enough extra rope to tie the ends.

  • Place It On The Top Of Your Car Or Van

The best way to move your mattress to your new home is by putting it at the top of your car or van. However, you need to ensure that the mattress is tied so strongly that it doesn’t come down when you hit the road. Remember, you can’t be careless while tying the mattress on top of your car there can be an accident if it comes down on its own. Sydney roads are known for heavy traffic, so it’s better not to take any risk.

  • Clean The Mattress Before You Move

Are you even aware with the level of unhealthy things a mattress contains? Dirt, hair, dander, skin flakes, sweat, allergens, mites, etc. the list is really long. Therefore, mattress cleaning is something you should not ignore before switching places.

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