You Just Bought Used Furniture? Learn 4 Ways to Disinfect It Completely

Published February 15

Are you an avid buyer of furniture and other items from garage sales or from temporary shops of the roadside? It is fine if you do shopping for used furniture, but you need to ensure that the furniture items are cleaned before you bring them inside your house. You need to ensure that you don’t bring germs and bacteria inside your home with the furniture.

Let’s take a look at some top tips that will help you to clean the used furniture you just bought from the garage sale.

  1. Spray Furniture To Kill The Bugs

Bugs and other undesirable insects prefer to hide themselves in old furniture that remains dirty. There is a chance that the used furniture you just bought has been already invaded by bugs.

When you’re buying such items, you most likely won’t have any info where the thing originated from or what’s store in the small cracks. That is the reason you need to first clean the used furniture either in your lawn, garage or patio before bringing it inside the house and using it daily. Ensure that you specifically clean all the drawers, cabinets or other places properly. Inspect the furniture properly by using a flashlight, search for bug droppings, if you can’t find the bugs easily. Use special sprays to eliminate the bugs completely.

  1. Clean & Disinfect The Furniture

In the wake of splashing the furniture with bug spray, ensure that you wipe it down with a reliable disinfectant. Utilise the wide range of cleaning solutions available in the market or you can even make your own, for example, a mixture of water and vinegar. For things with unidentified stains, smells, or any sort of sticky deposit, utilise a strong chemical disinfectant cleaning solution.

You can also utilise, aerosol spray, wipes, disinfectant spray wiped down with a rag. These can really prove highly effective in disinfecting the used furniture you have just bought.

  1. Get Rid Of Odours From Used Furniture

If any smell/odour stays even after you have used the disinfectant to clean the solution, don’t just use a fabric deodoriser or air freshener as these products only offer a temporary solution, and usually fail completely to eliminate the smell causing bacteria. Use a solution of vinegar and water, or baking soda to get rid of any odour naturally.

  1. Remove The Stains

Expelling stains from furniture can be troublesome. However, you can remove the stains easily with many items already present in your house. Chemical cleaning solutions can also be effective in removing the stains. However, mostly the stains on the furniture’s upholstery are stubborn and don’t go away easily. So, for such stubborn stains, you need to hire professional cleaners for upholstery cleaning in Sydney. Professional cleaners will utilise state-of-art techniques to eliminate all the stains from the upholstery & furniture.

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