10 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

Published March 25

Are you making plans to sell your house? If yes, then you need to consider various points before advertising it for sale. Some people simply call a broker, while others start doing the renovation themselves.

Remember, selling a house or property in Australia can become a lot easier, if you’re able to present an attractive and functional property to the buyers.

Here are some amazing ways that can help you increase the value of your house and get an excellent deal from the buyer.

  1. Painting & Repairing Of The External Walls

The main thing that a potential purchaser will see first is the exterior of your property, so it is important to ensure that your house looks awesome from the exteriors. Buildings that seem broken-down, old, or unsightly just won’t be able to get a deal for you. The best way to make it look attractive is by applying a fresh layer of bright coloured paint and do repairing works if needed.

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  1. Renovate Doors & Windows

Besides looking beautiful, new doors or windows will make any home more energy efficient. This can make it a property that’s more environment-friendly and runs on low electricity bills. No doubt, many buyers consider this a major plus point. However, considering safety while cleaning the windows, you can hire professional window cleaners in Sydney.

  1. Landscaping

People adore an alluringly arranged yard and it won’t take much cash to repair yours if you’ve one in your property. A clean yard is thought to be a good sign of the amount of energy given to preserve it. Messy garden, dead plants and boring patios can turn-off potential buyers of your house.

  1. Rug & Carpet

It might appear to be a bit odd, but the floor is one of the main things that people see while entering any building. Nowadays, people anticipate that their homes’ floors are clean, contemporary, and polished. Old, smelly rug and carpet are a major negative aspect for your home. Carpets are heavy and expensive, so it’s better to hire professional carpet cleaners in Sydney to get the best results.

  1. Renovations In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a standout among the most essential areas of any home. People who want to buy a house want a useful kitchen that incorporates working taps, cabinets, and bench tops.

  1. Toilet & Bathroom Repairs

Just like the renovation of kitchen, it’s important to repair and renovate the bathrooms in your home with brand-new tubs, toilets, showers and cabinets. This may not be important to increase the value of your home, only if the bathrooms in your home are clean, fresh and working properly.

  1. Lighting Fixtures Inside The Home

Generally the cost of lighting fixtures in homes can vary significantly. However, if your house is still decorated with old or paper made lampshades, then it’s a right time to renovate. Ensure that proper lighting fixtures are placed in every corner of your property because the buyer won’t be interested in investing money in a poorly lit house.

  1. Painting Interior Walls

Just like painting the exterior of the house of important, painting should also be done in the interior of the house. Nicely painted interior walls will have exceptional influence on the buyer and he/she will be delighted to see their future home.

  1. Clean Roof & Gutters

Often people neglect cleaning the roof and gutters of their homes. However, you need to take some action and clean both of these areas before a buyer visits your house. A dirty roof will make the whole house look dirty and choked gutters show that proper care has not been taken in house maintenance.

  1. Heavy Cleaning And Organising

Keep in mind that before the buyer arrives, you must indulge in heavy cleaning of each and every corner in your house. It’s a good idea, if you hire professional cleaners instead of doing the cleaning work on your own. A clean and shiny home will surely increase its value and you get a better deal than before.



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