The Importance Of Window Cleaning Before Or After Rain

Published August 27

Many individuals have a misunderstanding that in the monsoon season, if it’s raining then they should not do the window cleaning process since the rain will make them filthy yet again. However, it is a complete misconception.

The basic and straightforward truth is a big NO. Window cleaning companies in Sydney and Northern Beaches offer their services all year round except in storms and extreme winds.

Some window cleaners in Sydney and Northern Beaches offer rain guarantees for their work. Some of them even give offers that they’ll clean the windows again for free if it rains within 1 or 2 days and damages the windows again. However, such offers might not be provided by every window cleaning company, so check before you ask for such services. If the window cleaning company you’re hiring does offer such services then make sure that you get everything in writing.

What you need to understand that it’s not the rain that makes the windows dirty, in fact it’s the dirt and dust which is responsible. So, when the dirt is cleaned by the professional window cleaners in Sydney and Northern Beaches then it will take multiple rains to make affect the beauty of your windows.

The reality is that windows are cleaned because they get dirty and not because they’re wet. On the whole, the sole purpose of windows is to keep away dirt, grime and rainwater from coming inside the home. Dust, pollen and bird droppings are the major reasons that make the windows dirty. If these are already present on your windows and rain comes along then the rainwater will mix with these filth, making your window look even worse than before.

However, if the windows are cleaned before the rain then the rainwater will fail to damage the cleanliness of your windows.

Every season, you may witness new window cleaning companies popping out like mushrooms. However, such companies have little or no knowledge about the art of window cleaning. Let us warn you about such companies have simply no idea about window cleaning and may even damage the quality of the windows with their inexperience work. Such companies are the culprits for spreading the myth that windows shouldn’t be cleaned in the rainy season.

There’s simply no reason that why you shouldn’t get your windows cleaned in the rainy season. However, the situation might change in extreme torrential rain.

Not getting your windows cleaned during monsoon or winter season is an act which serves no purpose. If you avoid the window cleaning process for long period of time then slowly the frame and glass will acquire stains on them. Later, getting these stains removed will prove to be a costly affair and require a lot of time and energy.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in your mind is that you should always choose professional window cleaners in Sydney and Northern beaches as they can deliver amazing results for every cleaning job.


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