Measures You Need To Take To Stop Carpet Fading

Published September 02

Professional carpet cleaners care a lot about the carpets of their clients. Professional carpet cleaners today in Sydney, Canberra, Northern Beaches and North Shore will help you maintain the look and feel of floorings at your home.

Many people have no idea about how to stop their carpets from fading. Here are answers to this common question frequently asked by homeowners.

  • How To Stop Your Carpet From Fading?

Just like any other fabric, the carpet fabric at your home also starts fading with time. This fading process is unstoppable after years of continuous use of the flooring. However, there are many things that can be done to either slowdown this process or reduce the effects of fading on the carpets. Though direct sunlight for many hours is the main reason for fading, chemical solutions and extreme lighting can also speed up the fading process of the flooring at your house.

Here are the steps that you can take to stop the fading process of your carpets:

  • Minimise Exposure To The Sunlight

Sunlight bleaches your carpet and it can be stopped by using blinds or shutters on places from where the sunlight enters your home. This covering up can prove beneficial not only for your carpets, but also for the furniture in the house. However, some homeowners might find it a bit clumsy to manage the blinds or shutters all day long. Even for that there’s an excellent solution, all you need to do is to figure out the time when it is the peak time of the sunlight to enter your home. You need to ensure that blinds and shutters are keeping out the sunlight when it can affect the carpet colours the most.

  • Maintain Physical Cleanliness

People generally use a variety of creams, lotions, sprays and oils on their body (especially hands and feet) and hair. These products might have some chemicals which affect the colour of the flooring and causes fading. You’ll be surprised to know that oils and sweat coming out from our body cause discolouration of the fabric. This can be avoided by cleaning your hands and feet regularly and you can even wear socks for extra protection.

  • Clean The Spills Immediately

It is strongly suggested that you should make your best effort to clean the spills like juices and pet urine from the carpets as quickly as possible. This avoids absorptions of the liquids which can cause discolouration of the flooring. The same story goes with stains as it is better that you clean the stains immediately with some warm water and detergent. However, if the spills and stains are stubborn then you should call in professional carpet cleaners today in Sydney, Canberra, Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Faded carpet doesn’t look good on the floor. So hire the best carpet cleaners in Sydney, Canberra, Northern Beaches and North Shore who can make faded carpets look new and shiny.


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