Preparing for House Washing: What to Do Before the Cleaners Arrive

Published January 31

It’s finally time to give your home the deep cleaning it deserves. Before exterior house washing in Sydney can even begin, everything must be prepared first! Taking the time to do this right will save you a lot of headaches and ensure that the cleaners arrive and get to work efficiently. House washing before painting is essential for a smooth job – leave that to the professionals so you can have beautiful results!

Preparing for window and house washing doesn’t have to be a chore; it can even be fun! Before the cleaners arrive, take some time to check outside your home for any window or house-washing areas that you want to clean up. Ensure you remove anything from the place that may get in the way of the soft wash cleaning, such as outdoor furniture and decor. You’ll also want to ensure the driveway is free of cars so the cleaners can access it easily. A little preparation will go a long way in getting your window, house, and driveway sparkling clean!

Don’t worry—these tasks won’t take long and will make a huge difference in getting your home sparklingly clean! 

1. De-clutter – The first thing you want to do is de-clutter any surfaces that need cleaning. Make sure all areas are clear of items so that the cleaners can easily access them and get a more comprehensive clean. This includes countertops, tables, bookshelves, and any other space that needs attention. Move furniture out of the way so every nook and cranny can be adequately cleaned. 

2. Put Away Valuables – Take this opportunity to tidy up any personal belongings or items with sentimental value that you don’t want to be disturbed by the cleaners. Anything small and valuable should go into storage during the cleaning process so that nothing gets misplaced or broken during their visit.    

3. Move Furniture – Remove any furniture from any area you would like cleaned thoroughly, including couches, chairs, beds etc… Once these items have been moved, it’s important to remember where they were placed so they can be returned afterwards.      

4. Prepare Pets – If you have pets in the home, ensure they have secured away from where the cleaners will be working, such as in another room or outside if possible. This will keep them safe while also ensuring they don’t disturb anyone while they work at your home!        

5 . Vacuum & Dust– Vacuuming and dusting should be done before having your home professionally cleaned. This will help remove surface dirt and dust from carpets, rugs, and curtains etc.… before the deeper cleaning begins, which makes for quicker service and better results overall! 

6 . Clear Pathways – Take some time to walk around your home before having it professionally cleaned and look for pathways where furniture may need moving temporarily, or obstacles like plants or lamps which could impede progress during their visit – these should all be cleared away beforehand for ease of service delivery!                                                                                                           

Preparing your home for professional window and house washing can be a daunting task, but with just a few simple steps, it’s easy to make sure you get the most benefits of a professional cleaning crew! Follow these six simple tips before bringing in professional cleaners! From de-cluttering surfaces to vacuuming carpets ahead of time—these small tasks will ensure a more comprehensive clean when they arrive at your door! A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to achieving outstanding results with house washing services! ​​​​​​​

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