Benefits of Washing Your House Before Painting

Published June 14

When the time comes to revitalise the exterior of your home, you may have many great ideas in your head. Painting a wall is one thing, but an entire house can take a lot of work, and there’s lots of room for error. Planning out your course of action will ensure you get the most out of your efforts. Before any paint hits your walls, consider the benefits of pressure washing your house before painting.

Pressure wash your walls before painting

Before painting the exterior of your home, you should remove built-up grime and dirt on its

surface. Pressure washers offer a quick and easy way to remove such debris, but they can also do considerable damage if not used properly. The last thing you want is to worry about additional repairs alongside painting an entire house! To avoid the risk of damaging your home, consider hiring exterior house washing services to get the job done right the first time.

Why should you clean your walls?

Pressure washing before applying paint is a crucial step taken to extend the lifespan of your paint job. The paint itself will apply whether the wall is clean or not, but with prior cleaning, the wall will be in its best condition to take and hold coats of paint. Not to mention, if you paint over mould and damage, that mould could continue to spread and damage the material of the wall. Wood, for example, could continue to deteriorate, and you wouldn’t see the extent of its damage until it’s too late.

Painting is a challenging and expensive task that requires a good investment of time to get right. Would you rather paint your home every five years or ten years? Treating your walls properly before painting can extend the lifespan of your work to 10 years or more, leaving lasting results for longer and requiring less maintenance. Professional house exterior pressure washing ensures your home is left in immaculate condition, and ready for painting.

Don’t strip your existing paint

Pressure washing is an efficient way to clean the surface of your walls. The high jets of water can effortlessly blast away dirt that can degrade the quality of your paint job, but they could also blast the existing paint as well. Pressure washers are powerful tools that can cause a great deal of damage when misused. If you have just bought a pressure washer, or blowing the dust off an old one, make sure to test it before using on your home. It may be on a setting that could etch the material of your walls, causing major damage. Figure out the strength of your washer, and start far away from your home, then move closer to figure out an optimal distance to clean. Two meters is a good starting point.

When cleaning, keep in mind the angle you spray. Spraying water upwards from low angles may shoot water into unwanted places, and soak siding boards, insulation or other interiors. Never srpay at an upward angle and avoid any vents or crawlspaces as well. These places aren’t protected from water as rain is never meant to enter there in the first place.

If you have any uncertainties when it comes to exterior house cleaning, the house washing experts at Pressure and Steam are here for you with all the answers and services you need.

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