How To Clean Your Home Quickly And Easily

Published July 29

Here are 7 great house cleaning tips that make house cleaning tasks a lot easier.

  • Develop a house cleaning strategy. Move around each and every room of your home with a camera, pen and a notebook. Click photos in every room and then figure out all the cleaning tasks that need to be done to make your home just the way you like it – clean and well-organised.
  • Make checklists for your house cleaning strategy. Once you have the photos, along with the cleaning needed for each area in your home, it’s time to create checklists to support your cleaning strategy. For example, in your kitchen area you may have checklists for cleaning the fridge, for cleaning the oven, and for after dinner cleaning tasks. A way to kick start your strategy is to pick up a vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning every alternate day – that way vacuuming will probably take less than 15 minutes.
  • Create a day-to-day home chores record. While you prepare an overall strategy for cleaning your home, it is also essential to ensure that certain simple cleaning task are accomplished day-to-day. For example, making your bed, cleaning the dishes, basic carpet cleaning, placing the books or magazines in order should not left for the next day. You should complete these easy tasks on a daily basis.
  • Create 15 minute task list for your house cleaning strategy. These are for free times when you find you have nothing else to do. In this list, only keep the tasks that can be finished easily within a time span of 15 minutes. Some of these tasks can include: quick carpet cleaning with the help of a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the windows or doors. If you’re tired then simply put everything in its place in your living room as this will make your whole home seem cleaner and tidier.
  • Create a family house cleaning strategy. This requires a meeting between all the family members to make every family member aware of the cleaning jobs they are personally accountable for, plus what chores other family members are responsible for. Also, explain to everyone when and how the assigned chores should be done. You can even give some extra pocket money to your kids for every job done.
  • Figure out the right time for house cleaning. With a proper cleaning strategy you know when to clean, what to clean and whose turn is it to do the job. As an added bonus you can see what cleaning tasks you’ll need to hire professional help for, for example, carpet cleaning.
  • Figure out a specific time to go shopping for cleaning products. Visit your nearby store to buy the right products – having the right tools for the job making cleaning much easier and mean it’s more likely the cleaning will get done according to the strategy
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