Hate Cleaning Your Home? Try These 7 Cleaning Hacks

Published July 24

Do you have to make a big effort to keep your home clean and tidy? No one enjoys an untidy home, but some of us hate the task of cleaning even more!

Here are 7 great tips that will help to keep your home clean without much effort.

  • Clear Away The Excess

Clutter builds up easily if you have just a small an excess of it. If there’s a lack of space in your home, clutter starts appearing everywhere and makes the house really messy. Instead of keeping items for ‘just in case’ scenarios, get rid of the things you don’t use any more. You can donate them to a charity so they don’t go to waste. This can make your home clean without putting much effort, and make you feel good, too!

  • Have An Assigned Place For Everything

After getting rid of the clutter, it’s crucial to give everything still left in the room a place where it belongs. For example, hooks in the hall way can be used for your coats and purses, and in the living room shelves, tables and drawers are perfect for books, magazines and TV remotes. This will avoid clutter on the carpet, so when it comes time for carpet cleaning it’s easy to do.

  • Make A Strategy For Your Children

If you have kids, you’ll know they probably don’t think much about the tidiness of the place where they live. If your child loves to draw then ensure that you keep extra whiteboards where they can draw and don’t use walls to show their skills!

If your children have become old enough to help then you can use baskets with labels, so they know where to put everything in order. As they’re having fun children may make the carpets dirty by dropping foods items, so you can use services of professional carpet cleaners Sydney for carpet cleaning jobs in your living areas.

  • Get The Job Done As You Go

While going to the bathroom to take a bath, make a habit of doing a quick check of some specific places. For example if the sink is grubby you can clean it quickly before taking a bath. These quick fixes can help your entire house to look better, and yet you’ll have spent hardly 10 minutes in the task.

  • Pick Up Everything At Dusk

Make a common rule for every family member (including you!) in the home that at a specific time in the evening, everyone makes an effort for at least 15 minutes to pick up everything and put it in its right place. The whole process hardly requires any effort and your home become much tidier than before.

  • Limit The Use Of Paper

Consider eliminating the paper in your daily routine. Journals, receipts, magazines & newspapers quickly build up in the home, cluttering the whole place. Change your bank accounts to paperless, and get a rack to keep the magazines and newspapers in order.

  • Make The Bed Everyday

Though it may sound tiring, it’s not! Making you bed takes less than 5 minutes and is one of the easiest ways to ensure your bedroom looks cleaner and tidier. It also establishes the tone for the rest of the day, and you’re more likely to go with being tidy.

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