Here’s Why You Should Clean Your Solar Panels This Summer

Published November 11

Solar panels are an excellent way to get electricity without putting any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Solar has already matched gas and coal on the electricity grid in certain areas. This implies that solar-powered homes can also be less expensive than other forms of power! While beneficial to the environment, solar panels require maintenance and cleaning for solar energy to be as efficient as possible. Here’s why it’s so important to clean your solar panels this Summer.

Clean solar panels = more energy

Clean solar panels generate up to 80% more energy than dirty solar panels. If you don’t clean them enough, they can “wash out” in sunlight, meaning the solar cells on the panel are working less efficiently.

Some of the reasons solar panels stop working well are:

  • Dust – Solar energy production can drop 80% after three years if your solar panel isn’t cleaned regularly. As the dust continues to build up, you’ll notice worse results.
  • Leaves – Leaves will block the sun from hitting the solar panels and stop producing power. Leaves should be cleared away quickly rather than left to dry out on the solar cells, or they can become stuck to them. If solar cells are covered in dead leaves, they won’t function to their fullest potential
  • Snow – Solar panels should always be free of snow, but if it’s left on for too long, it can melt into water which then freezes onto solar cells. This can also damage solar cells and drastically reduce their functionality
  • No maintenance – Regular solar panel maintenance services check for any potential problems in your panels and rectify them before they become a severe problem. Regular maintenance is essential for long-lasting solar panels.

Clean during the right time

You mustn’t let a build-up of dirt and debris affect your solar panels. When you decide to clean your solar panels, it’s best to work during dawn or dusk for several reasons.

  • When working during low light hours, you won’t have a significant impact on the efficiency of your solar panels. You will inevitably block a little bit, but you will lose way more potential energy when you work during peak hours.
  • Solar panels get very hot during the day. When it’s scolding to touch, it may be difficult for you to clean your solar panels thoroughly.
  • Cleaning during dusk or dawn keeps you out of the intense sunlight, making the cleaning experience easier for you. You could also consider solar panel cleaning services to make your life even easier.

Cleaning the solar panels on your roof doesn’t have to be a difficult job! You can use some water mixed with dish soap or other mild cleaners from time to time to spray the solar panels, which will get rid of any dust and grime. And you should also ensure there’s good access for ventilation to prevent solar panels from overheating, which can cause permanent damage.

Having good quality solar panels will help you save the environment too! If you’re looking for solar panel cleaning in Sydney, make sure to give Pressure & Steam a call today on 02 8007 7205 for a free quote. Let us help you make the most of your solar panels this Summer! 

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