6 Carpet Cleaning Tips For A Quick Cleanup

Published August 24

Despite your best initiatives to ensure clean environment at your home, the carpet will finally turn into the target of drops, spills, mishaps, and dirt carried by the shoes.

Here are some cleaning tips that you can take to remove the spots or stains from the carpet. However, it’s advisable that you should call the professional carpet cleaners in Sydney, Canberra, Northern Beaches and North Shore to get the best results in carpet cleaning process.

  • Don’t try to rub the stains

Press stains with a clean cloth, sponge or paper towels and a cleaning solution. Pressing the stain is the key as it soaks up the stain by applying a little pressure on it. Rubbing should be avoided because if you rub the stain then its particles will go down to the surface of the flooring. Rubbing may also damage the fabric of the carpet. Even while blotting or pressing, do it in an inward direction and not outward because doing it in outward direction might spread the stain.

  • Use Soda

You might have heard that soda is helpful in removing stains caused by wine or beer. This is true to some extent but you need to use soda in right quantity.

  • Apply shaving cream

For ordinary stains, you can use shaving cream as an effective solution to clean your carpet. Shaving cream can remove most of the stains and all you need to do is to apply it on the stain for at least 230 minutes. After 30 minutes, use a white clean cloth to remove the shaving cream from stain area and wipe the area with some water soaked cloth.

  • Detergent for Grease Stains

The most beneficial way to clean grease stains is by using some detergent. Grease will be removed by the detergent, just like it removes stains from clothes and utensils. Make a solution of detergent with water and fill it in a spray bottle, now spray the solution on the carpet stain and keep doing so until the stain is removed completely.

  • Clean Pet faeces Organically

Sometimes even well trained pets can make your carpet dirty. After getting rid of the waste material you can use a cleaning solution and spray it on the stain. You might need to scrub the stained area, but make sure that you don’t damage the fabric of the carpet. The cleaning solutions can also be effective for stains caused by coffee and sauce.

  • Do Deep Cleaning On A Regular Basis

If you want to keep the carpet fresh and new then ensure that you deep clean it on a regular basis. However, it’s not possible for common people to do deep cleaning by themselves, so it better that you hire a professional carpet cleaner in Sydney, Canberra, Northern Beaches and North Shore who can do the cleaning work for you.


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