Why Solar Panel Cleaning Is Important

Published May 24

As an alternative energy source, a new interest in solar panels has developed in the commercial real estate industry, which is focusing on green initiatives. To provide a sustainable source of energy and to control costs this is becoming a perfect solution for property owners and developers.

However, you must realise the fact that apart from installing solar panels, proper cleaning and maintenance of its equipment is also quite crucial.

Just like you get your house cleaned on a regular basis, especially glass windows, in order to maintain highest energy efficiency standards. Similarly, you need to focus on cleaning solar panels on a regular basis to ensure that the equipment keeps operating at its best and deliver environment friendly energy to your house.

There can be a huge decrease in the output generated by solar panels, if the dust, dirt, bird droppings, and pollen build-up on the panels. Pollen from trees is sticky in nature and quite stubborn, so make it a priority to remove pollen build-up before it bonds with the solar panels.

A few people rely on rain for cleaning of solar panels and question the need for the scheduled cleaning job. But, this a completely negative and faulty approach because

  • Relying on rain isn’t a feasible idea as rain can’t get rid of pollen and bird droppings.
  • Rain might even make the solar panels even dirtier just like it does with glass windows.
  • The times when dust and pollen are at their worst usually don’t coincide with the cycles of rain.

If you want to get a better idea on how solar panels can become dirty, then you should look at a glass window which hasn’t been cleaned for a while. This will give a much better idea about the importance of getting solar panels cleaned from time to time.

It’s important to note that while cleaning solar panels, manufacturer’s instructions should be followed to prevent any damage to the panels. This is a major reason why it’s recommended that you should call professional cleaners for cleaning the solar panels on your property. Solar panels can get damaged if cleaned by an inexperienced individual. Only professional tools and equipment should be used to clean the panels.

To check for cracks or old and failing seals, you should perform Inspections from time to time. The useful life of the panels can be easily prolonged with this technique. Panels can become ineffective and you might need to replace them, if damage is done by water leaking into a cracked panel or broken silicone seal.

Final Thoughts: Solar panels are expensive equipment, so you should only hire professional cleaners for cleaning tasks and to increase the life of the panels.


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