Top Tips To Clean Your Mattress

Published October 05

People spend around 8 hours sleep everyday and apart from sleeping, we also spend a lot of time on our beds. This is the main reason that our beds become dirty quicker than any other piece of furniture. Hair, dead skin, food spills are some of the most common reasons that make mattresses dirty. You should be aware that mattress cleaning is one of the integral parts of your house cleaning in Sydney task.

Here are some tips that will help you to keep your mattresses fresh and clean:

  • To protect the area of the mattress, you can use a protector cover. Always use a cover that can be removed and washed easily. This way you can clean it using hot water, making it fresh and healthy.
  • At least once a week you should take the task of house cleaning in Sydney especially bed sheets and covers. You can mix a bit of vinegar in hot water to clean the sheets and cover, this will keep them soft.
  • Manufacturers advocate turning the mattress upside down after every one month at the start and then after every two months.
  • Mattresses should be vacuumed every month employing the upholstery tool on the cleaner.
  • Immediately clean any spills because the spills become stain within 48 hours – so clean any mishaps soon. Mould develops quickly on wet surfaces and can give negative impacts on your health. Ensure that before you place the mattress again on the bed it’s completely dried.
  • Hire professionals to get your mattresses cleaned after every 3 months to ensure its cleanliness and to increase its life.

Apart from dust, here are some spills that you must clean quickly to avoid any stains on the mattress:

  • Liquid food items: whether it be tea, coffee, juices or water you should use effective chemical solutions to clean the stains from the mattress. Commence by blotting up from the resource with a paper or towel. Spray or evenly drip the chemical solutions on the stain, then rub carefully when the stain begins to lift. However, always make sure that the mattress is adequately dried after you finish the cleaning process, as liquid will turn into mould after some time, and that is pretty terrible for the health of your family members.
  • Urine: If you have pets then you must have faced the problem of pet urine on most of your upholstery, especially on mattresses at your home. Ensure that clean any mishaps caused by pets at your home.
  • Blood: There’s a chance that you might have any accident while laying or relaxing on your bed and the blood from any cut might drop on the mattress. If such situations occur then clean the mattress immediately because blood can leave behind some stubborn stains.
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