Top Tips For Graffiti Cleaning On Different Surfaces

Published September 12

Generally, methods used for graffiti cleaning in Sydney may be different for various surfaces. You need to keep in mind that the quicker the graffiti cleaning process is done, the fewer opportunity it will give other graffiti artists/vandals to ruin your wall. Use Protective Gear like gloves, protective eyewear, and skin should be covered properly while removing graffiti with chemicals and solutions.

  • Whenever possible, try to utilise non-toxic materials and apply gentle procedures to ensure that the surface remains unharmed.
  • Always go through the labels at the back of the cleaning products and try to apply the recommendations written at the back.
  • Normally test on a small area on the surface which is not easily visible, before starting graffiti cleaning for the whole surface in Sydney.
  • If you have little knowledge about graffiti removal then there’s a high chance that you might simply ruin the whole surface where defacement has been done. However, if you hire professional cleaners, they can do graffiti cleaning in Sydney without leaving any trace behind on the surface.

Here are some tips to clean graffiti from different type of surfaces.

  • Graffiti Cleaning In Sydney From Painted Surfaces

It’s quite a low cost solution to paint over surfaces where graffiti has been made, especially on surfaces which have been painted before. Graffiti artist or vandals prefer light surfaces as their work is more visible on lighter backgrounds. So, while repainting the whole surface, it is better if you choose darker shades as it might attract less attention of graffiti makers.

If you don’t want darker colours then paint the complete surface and not only the area where defacement has been done. If you go for patches and paint only the areas where defacement was done then the same area might become prone to future vandalism as graffiti vandals have a tendency to make damage areas where defacement was done previously.

  • Graffiti Cleaning In Sydney From Unpainted Surfaces

When there’s a light graffiti on an unpainted surface, then you should take immediate action to remove it ASAP. If neglected, the graffiti can penetrate deep inside the surface and it will become a lot stubborn to remove. Remember, newly built building walls are a prime target for graffiti makers. Use a brush and a solvent to rub the surface, and then you can wash up the whole area where vandalism has been done.

  • Graffiti Cleaning In Sydney From Glass Surfaces

One of the best ways to get rid of graffiti from glass surfaces is by using a razor blade, but should only be done by an expert and professional person. Paint thinners can also be utilised. However, it is advisable that you should hire people who are known for graffiti cleaning in Sydney, Australia.

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