Top 5 New Year’s House Cleaning Resolutions

Published February 07

2017 is here and we have completed the first month already, there’s no time like the present to go through your home and start doing the cleaning and de-cluttering. The holiday season is ending, weather is going all out, and there are a lot of things you can do when it comes to cleaning the house, before the holidays say goodbye.

Yeah, it’s true that January has already ended, but it’s never too late to make resolutions. February is just the second month and you still have a lot of months left in this year to make cleaning resolutions.

Here are a few room-by-room tips and suggestions that will surely assist when you begin the year’s first cleaning and de-cluttering tasks.

  1. Cleaning Kitchen

You can start the cleaning project from the most difficult area of the house – kitchen. This area is infamous for gathering mess. A decent approach to begin the year off right is to dispose of anything you store in the kitchen that you truly don’t require anymore. In case you haven’t utilised the toaster in months, for instance, consider selling it to a local shop or donate it to an orphanage, alongside any other small appliances or equipment that consuming up room.

  1. Cleaning Living Area

Just like any other room, the living room in your house can gather mess if excessively numerous things are kept at it and if there is no space to store what can be thrown or given away. Abstain from including magazine and daily newspapers racks that can get topped off easily unless you have a habit of removing them and reusing old printed material on schedule. In case you have a bookshelf in your living area, the start of the year is the right time to check your books and give away any that you don’t require or won’t be reading again.

  1. Cleaning the Bathrooms/Toilet

Bathrooms/ Toilets are infamous for gathering everything from expired prescriptions to nearly empty jugs of cleansers and soaps. Just like any other room in your home, the initial step is to de-clutter all the things that are old or no more utilised. You need to empty all the drawers and the area under the sink, also clean all the cupboards or shelves, and dispose of expired medicines, and sunscreen lotions, cleanser that you utilised once, before putting it in a drawer to never utilise again.

  1. Bedrooms And Cupboards

The trick is to clean, clean, clean! Give away your clothes that does not fit anymore or that you haven’t worn in a year, and kids’ toys that are no longer used. Room organisation is about capacity; whether the room has a kid or a grown-up, it’s vital that there are fitting spots to store every item from garments to toys. Also, don’t forget carpet cleaning in every room, especially bedroom to avoid germs and harmful bacteria from making a home in the carpets.

  1. Stairways, Hallways, & Storerooms

Try not to leave things on the stairs or in the hallways. Make proper plans to store items in the storerooms without stuffing them excessively. These areas are often ignored and might make your home look bad. So, clean stairways, hallways, & storerooms to give your home a perfect look.

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