Tips to Clean the Graffiti From the Walls

Published July 17

Graffiti paint and markers are considered as some the most hard-to-remove stains in the world. But, by following certain points and tips the unwanted graffiti painting can be easily removed permanently from the walls of your property.

  • Material should be taken into account: It is difficult to remove graffiti because of the material on which it is done, is not made up of any fabric, but concrete walls. Concrete or stones are usually quite porous in nature, therefore the paint is absorbed extensively. It is not an easy to take the paint out, once it seeps into the pores.

Before starting the cleanup process, you should always consider the material of the walls. Various types of materials require completely different cleaning methods and implementation of wrong method can destroy the aesthetic value of your property walls. So, next time consider the material of the walls.

  • Paint it again: You really need to work hard to completely remove the graffiti from your property walls. Graffiti vandalism is quite common these days as graffiti art is becoming more popular among street kids. You really need to do an extra effort avoid the walls getting vandalized.

Once the paint seeps into the pores of the wall, the problem starts. Either the paint is taken down or leave it be as it is. Painting the wall is a good method to hide graffiti paintings, but it can prove to be a costly affair.

  • Call the police: this has more to do with fighting against vandalism and less to do anything with the cleaning of graffiti. This act will surely not clean the whole thing in the first place after all! A number of kids just get away after vandalizing the walls.

They keep on repeating this act and some of them may have even served community service for graffiti vandalizing. So, do inform the police authorities in your town and file a report of vandalism on your property. Let the police do their investigation and catch the culprits, this may somewhat ensure that you don’t have to face the similar situation in future.

  • Sand blasting: Out of numerous ways to remove the graffiti completely, sand blasting is one effective way. It is advisable that you should hire professionals, if opting for sand blasting as it can prove to be highly disastrous if done incorrectly.
  • Hire a pressure and steam cleaning company: One of the easiest, best and highly effective ways to remove the graffiti from your walls is by hiring the services of a professional cleaning company. The professional graffiti removing team will be aware of the ins and outs of the job.

They know and imply different types of methods that will give you desired results. The professional cleaning team does its work effectively and safely. Just by watching them work using various techniques, you will know that you have opted for the best option to get rid of the unwanted graffiti on your walls.

You can search online to find a company that offers services for graffiti removal as well as services for pressure cleaning, flood restoration, water damage repair and carpet cleaning. Northern beaches is the place where you can easily find a renowned cleaning company.

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