Tile Cleaning: Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Published December 09

Nobody likes to have dirty and mouldy tiles in their houses. Unfortunately, tile cleaning can prove to be an extensively difficult task for the majority of homeowners. In some cases, no amount of cleaning or scrubbing looks sufficient to make your tiles sparkling again. But with some effort and techniques, your tiles can be made to look great.

Cleaning tile floors take a lot of time and effort, proving to be quite a tedious task. Working homeowners have simply no time and after working the whole day their energy is also drained out to do the cleaning work. People who wish for clean tiles, but don’t have time and energy, getting professional help can make their life a lot easier. Hiring professional cleaners ensure that you don’t have to scrub the tiles on your own.

Following are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, related to tile cleaning.

  • Why should I get my tiles cleaned?

Apart from aesthetic reasons, it’s quite important to keep the tiles clean as these areas can easily become the breeding ground for harmful pathogens and microbes. If the material of the tiles is porous in nature, then it can cause multiple problems as it can absorb oil, grease and other similar substances. These substances can ultimately ruin the indoor air quality.

  • How will I know if my tiles need cleaning?

Proper visual inspection is the first step in determining whether your tile needs cleaning or not. If it’s clearly looking dirty, then it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Compare the colour and condition of the tiles in high-traffic areas with that in low-traffic areas. It will help you to find the dirtier and darker areas easily.

  • What measures should I take, if the tiles are mouldy or mildewed?

Tiles that are affected by mould or mildew are quite difficult to clean. A good quality scrubber may be able to remove the mould from the surface, but not from the deep inside the tile. The mould will grow again in a short time and all your hard work will go in vain. The best solution to this problem is hiring professionals who can terminate the mould permanently by using various techniques.

  • Should I hire professional help for cleaning the tiles?

This largely depends on the level of dirtiness of the tiles. You may be able to remove the dirt from the tile surface, but it’s almost next-to-impossible to remove dirt and grime from deep inside the tiles. Special equipment is used by professional cleaners to clean the tiles deeply and effectively. An expert cleaner will apply a sealant on the tiles which makes it easier for future cleaning purposes.

Apart from tile cleaning, North Sydney and Northern Beaches based cleaners offer many other cleaning services for carpet, roof, upholstery, solar panels, windows, walls etc.

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