Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Save You Time

Published August 28

The temperature is turning, so you might be sorting out your summer clothes, bagging up some of the items you don’t need or want anymore which might set you on the path to a bit of spring cleaning.

The goal of a spring clean is to give your home a bit of a makeover, remove clutter so you feel more organised and in control and to arrange your decor for hosting and having the kids’ friends over to visit.

All good intentions, and they certainly pay off if you get around to it, but that’s the issue, making the time to get the job done and once you’ve freed up some time, knowing where to start.

A change of season is when to start spring cleaning but how to start is usually the harder question. Getting rid of stuff to start with, and then employing a house cleaning service or organising some carpet cleaning in Sydney is better than just getting cleaners immediately. After you’ve got rid of everything you no longer require, contact Pressure and Steam for a thorough Spring clean.

It’s best to start small
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Pick one section and start there for a limited amount of time – maybe 20 minutes or half and hour. The problem with setting yourself unreasonable goals is that you stare down the job but don’t actually start it. It might just be the cupboard under the sink or the kids wardrobes and the clothes they’ve grown out of. There’s something very satisfying about getting rid of clothes that no longer fit.

If you don’t start with the clothes or the kitchen sink, it’s not a bad idea to address safety issues. Old cleaning solutions, solvents or tins of paint. If they’re redundant, then anything potentially toxic or unsafe is good to be rid of.

Which part of your house distracts you the most?

Is it your sock drawer? Is it the junk drawer? That depository for everything that doesn’t have a home. If you get stuck in there – still with reasonable, not unreasonable self expectations – then the feeling might be so euphoric that you’ll be inspired to allocate some time elsewhere and before you know it, the momentum is working for you.

Purging is better than storing

How many items do you have around the house that you’ve either quarantined for repair or packed away in storage containers and parked in an attic or under your house. Out of sight out of mind is the intent but actually, unless you get it all unpacked and grouped together you don’t know what you have or whether you have another two or three just like it.

Bring out your stored chattels and storage containers and reassess what you have and how much you need it. If it’s clothes, the two pairs of jeans might suffice so you could rid yourself of the other four. You may come to the conclusion that the broken leg on the kitchen stool may never get fixed.

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