Solar Panels-Things to Know Before Installing

Published July 31

Use of solar panels to produce clean energy is one of the best available options for those families or homes who have great interest in ‘going green’ and those who really care about the environment. Solar panels are specially designed and fully capable in supplying energy to the electricity grid, remote buildings and partially or completely covering. This largely depends on the pattern of usage and solar power system size.

Thus these help in fulfilling the electricity needs of residential or commercial buildings. There are basically two types of solar panels and each has full capacity in performing different functions. Photovoltaic cells are used by these panels to capture the energy of the sun. The sunlight is converted into electricity by the cells.

The generated electricity, then can be used to operate or run lighting and household appliances. Direct sunlight is not required by these panels, which means that there is no need of direct sunlight and they can operate well generating electricity even on a cloudy day. Following are a few questions that you need to figure out before opting for solar energy panels.

  • Are solar panels suitable for every home?      

While considering suitability, there are a few questions that you need to answer. First, you need to find an appropriate place where the panels will be placed and ensure that they are not overshadowed by trees or buildings. If the solar panels are overshadowed for most of the time during the daytime, the quite less energy will be generated.

One of the most important things you should consider is to find that whether your roof is strong enough to hold the panels as these are quite heavy in weight. Another thing to check is that whether you require any kind of permission from the authorities before the installation, but usually most people don’t face any trouble with that.

What about the savings?

Apart from cutting down cut your carbon footprint, solar energy will also save you chunks of money. It is an extremely safe and completely renewable source of energy that does not emit any level of carbon dioxide. A simple system can save more than 1 tonne emission of carbon dioxide in a year. The best is that sunlight is for free! So, after the initial cost spent on the panels, you can easily start the savings.

How to maintain the solar panels?      

The average solar panels are quite cheap in price, so you won’t have to worry about the prices. The only thing you have to ensure is clean solar panels by cleaning them on a regular basis. Check, if there is any tree growing in the area where you are planning to get your solar panels installed as tress will not only overshadow the panels, but will also make it dirty with leaves and pieces of wood.

The best way to clean your solar panels is by hiring professionals who can do the job taking all sorts of precautions. Apart from solar cleaning, you can also hire professional help for carpet cleaning. Manly and Mosman is the places where you can easily find a renowned pressure and steam company.

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