Solar Panel Cleaning – How Difficult Is It?

Published July 21

Solar panels are one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century. Solar panels have become an amazing safe and pollution-free source of energy.

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Do you already have solar panels installed in your home, office or any other property? Are you looking forward to get the panels cleaned?

  • First thing that you must consider while cleaning the solar panels is safety. Read the manual and shut down the system before starting the work.
  • To make sure that no accidents happen, it’s better to clean the solar panels from the ground. Use a soft brush and a squeegee with a long extension as it can help you to stay on the ground. To allow the stream of water to reach the panels, you can use a hose with the right nozzle.
  • If you think that cleaning the panels from the ground is impossible, then there’s no need to try to reach your rooftop. Never try it if you don’t have the right safety tools and training. If this is the case, then hire professional cleaners to do the job.
  • Early mornings or evenings are considered as the ideal time to clean your solar panels. Choose a cloudy day to do the job. This should be done because the extreme heat of the Sun will quickly evaporate any water used and dirt will become smeared on the glass.
  • One of the best times to clean is early morning because dew that has settled overnight will soften the grime quite likely, which means that you’ll use less water and less energy to clean the panels.
  • First, brush off any loose materials, before applying the water or cleaning solution, if the panels are dry. This will surely make the whole cleaning process a lot easier and quicker.
  • Try not to utilise metal tools or harsh cleaning chemicals for expelling filth from the panels. Remember, scratching the glass can affect its performance because the scratches will cast shadows on the panels. If possible, never use detergent as it may streak the glass of the solar panel. There’s also a risk of panels getting scratched, if you use abrasive powders.
  • Solar panel glass is usually quite high in quality, so a little scrubbing with clean water and soft cloth can remove the dust. However, for stubborn grime and for safety of the glass, you must only hire expert professional cleaners for solar panel cleaning in Sydney.

Remember, solar panels are not strong as a metal and their top panel is made of thick glass. You must keep in mind that no matter how tough the surface looks, it is still made of glass. Solar panels are mostly placed on rooftops to achieve maximum exposure, and this also makes them harder to clean. So, why take any stress? Simply call professional solar panel cleaners and get the job done.

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