Selling Your Home? Pressure Wash it

Published July 06

If your house goes on the market looking anything less than pristine, then discerning buyers may form the impression that your property is in need of work and look elsewhere. Unlike cars, homes don’t have a service record. To a buyer, if a property looks well maintained then it probably is.

Alternatively, the tell tale signs of a poorly maintained home are cobwebs, mould, rust, calcium build up and grime. They’re unsightly and hard to break down. Their appearance sends warning signs to prospective buyers. A high pressure cleaning of your home’s exterior with Pressure & Steamthe premier pressure cleaning company in Sydney – is a safe and affordable way to transform the appearance of your home and have it market ready.

We work with many real estate agents, and building and strata managers. Professionals in the property market see ‘house washing benefits’ as integral in their strategy to sell a property.

As soon as the ‘for sale’ sign goes up, your home is under the microscope. As prospective buyers look to your home from the street, they’ll know by the state of your roof whether your property is well cared for or not. Terracotta tiles exhibit mould and other roof materials like ‘Colorbond’ collect excessive amounts of dirt and debris. After a thorough high pressure roof cleaning, your roof will look as if its been freshly installed or restored.

Pressure Wash before selling your homeWhen your house is open for inspection, your tiles are often the first thing that buyers notice. If tiles are stained and layered in mould then buyers think they’ll need to be replaced. A significant initial expense that many buyers will not want to take on.

We clean tiles and restore them to new. We can start on your outdoor tiles and move inside to the kitchen and the bathroom. It’s perfectly safe and our skilled professionals will leave your home looking immaculate.

In the highly competitive real estate market, any advantage you can gain over other listings will pay off during negotiations. It is without doubt one of the most, if not the most, cost efficient way to have your home market ready.

Confidence is everything in the property market. More than anything, you want buyers who are confident in the quality of the property they are purchasing. Buyers will adjust their budget if they think work needs to be done. If they think the property is well maintained then the value of your property increases. By pressure cleaning your home, any suspicions of poor maintenance that are hidden behind cobwebs, grease, dirt or grime will be erased and you will present a spotless property when you go to market.

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